2020 NORRA tech rules posted


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@landshark -- I skimmed through the 67 pages in the 2019 rules and didn't see anything about engine size / type for the Pioneer 4x4.

@Bro_Gill -- When I think "Baja Bronco" I think of the 302 / C4 combo or a 351w as found in Big Oly.

You are correct - there were no guidelines for engine size or type previous to the 2019 Oct/Nov revision and current rules


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There were no mention of engines previously so anything was legal. You will also notice that Legend era is still pretty open which is a nice home for non legal Broncos. I believe the spirit of the rules is based how most vehicles raced and not based on one-offs. The one- offs are always legal at NORRA as long as you own the one off vehicle. NORRA will always allow a vehicle to race the way it originally raced during the era. Ever since NORRA introduced the new format with classes and overall trophies, the idea was that vehicles that once raced for overall wins could do that again at NORRA.

The buggies have been restricted to era correct suspensions, tire sizes and air cooled type 1 VW engines since they start. Tightening the truck and 4x4 rules should make things more competitive with some great battles like we see in the Challenger Era which always has more entries.


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NORRA has posted it's 2020 rules on their website in advance of registration opening for the Mexican 1000.
Hey Chris, so since I run a SB 427 and a leaf, I'm Vintage open Rear leaf?

Can you confirm what exactly Stock-Concept suspension is Vs. Stock Suspension? Being that shock packages are unlimited, can I assume longer Radius arms and I-Beams are legal? Rear leafs can run dual shackle, control arms, etc..

Trying to make sure I land in the right home, Goodbye Pioneer class. My wheels, tires and motor are too big, along with my full floater.