2020 SCORE Baja 1000 Live Stream, Tracking and Updates


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I’m cheering for the Ampudia brothers. But I’m biased since their father gave me a scholarship. They are such a nice family, wish them all the best

I’m disappointed that RG isn’t doing any good, he needs a better truck to be competitive, but he is really set on his unicorn that he hides so much but there’s really no technology to hide that other manufacturers don’t know about already
I think he had some plugging issues with a fuel filter I think it was? I believe he got that fixed hours ago around RM 506, I may be wrong. But yeah, he just seems to be pretty slow for the majority of the race. May be other issues going on..


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RM 760

83 Luke McMillin followed by 10 Ampudia 7 minutes back.
Rat JUST did a LIVE updateat 2:08am (PST) from finish-line, completely MISSED Ampudia TT #10.. Said RobMac TT #11 was 2nd behind Luke McM TT #83. I was waiting for him to say Ampudia was OUT -- but NO according to the above

This sounds like a 3-way Trophy Dash to the finish

Luke McMillin TT #83, Ampudia TT #10, RobMac TT #11

Reminiscent of late stages of '82 Indy 500 -- 2-way trophy dash to finish:

Rick Mears (Team Penske, pole-sitter) & Gordon Johncock (Pat Patrick Racing) head-to-tail. LAST LAP -- Mears caught Johncock, got him on the inside of Turn 1..but Johncock had more momentum/speed on the outside line. Denied Mears, went on for the win

4 laps to go:
"Mears is closing..and CLOSING FAST!"

3 laps to go:
"Sam [ Posey..who did an ABC broadcast of Baja 1000..mentioned Dave Kreisler/RaceCo ], we have a trophy dash to the finish-line!"

"I've never seen anything like it! 2 laps to go!"

Rick Mears cut-his-teeth in Offroad Racing, so he knows well about "saving the car". His Indycar strategy was always "surviving" -- staying in touch with the leaders, then making a STRONG move at the finish. REMINISCENT of RobMac's strategy:

"I've got this theory -- I race Slow enough to Win"
-- 2005 SCORE Primm 300, personal communication

[ paralleling multiple F1 champion ALain Prost (aka "The Professor"), who races conservatively to "Save the Tires"..for strong car at the End. Call RobMac "The Professor" ]

"He's [ RObby Gordon ] EXCITING!"
-- NASCAR commentator, former NASCAR racer

[ Robby was making aggressive inside-move, putting WEAR on his tires. Rookie sensation Carlos Munoz *qualified* 2nd at 2013 Indy 500

( I was THERE, involved with KV Racing Technology, whose driver Tony Kanaan WON the Indy 500!!!

My link was with their 2nd driver Simona DeSilvestro (TK was brought in as team-leader), who had Clean Nuclear sponsorship with Entergy, setup by Dr Dennis Beller (UNLV Nuclear Eng Prof) for her Toyota Atlantics team -- Newman-Wachs (co-owned by famed actor/racer Paul Newman). Entergy followed her to Indycar -- HVM Racing (led by Keith Wiggins) & then KV Racing Technology (co-owned by Jimmy Vasser, former Indycar racer who raced w/Robby Gordon & Kevin Kalkhoven -- wealthy Billionaire..owns Cosworth, GPALB "Grand Prix Assn of Long Beach", former co-owner Champcar..resurrected from bankrupt CART. His daughter raced SCORE Baja Challenger class )

& finished 2nd:

Muñoz qualified on the front row for the 2013 Indy 500 in second position and ran with the leaders all race long. He led twelve laps and finished in second place, winning Rookie of the Year honors
In 2018, Muñoz made his return to Andretti in a one-race deal at the 2018 Indianapolis 500, finishing seventh.
[ I can STILL remember Michael Andretti UPSET at Carlos in the pit post-Indy 500, for taking aggressive inside-lines..WEARS TIRES QUICKLY ]
^^^ Carlos reminds me of Robby Gordon, who is ALWAYS going for the pass

" "If you no longer go for a gap which exists you are no longer a racing driver"
-- Ayrton Senna

^^^ RobMac/ALain Prost are of the different philosophy

"It is better to OUT THINK your enemy, than OUT FIGHT him"
-- Sun Tzu "Art of War"

known as running a SMART race. Don't take unnecessary chances ("RIsk Management"), make your move at the ENd

"It's not how you Start, but HOW YOU FINISH"

Crafty veteran RobMac TT #11 is 3rd on time, behind young-gun Luke McM TT #83. Ampudia TT #10 is 2nd on time, where Ampudia NERFED Dan McM TT #23 SO HARD, it knocked the spare tires off!!

[ Will Ampudia TT #10 get over-aggressive with Luke McM TT #83 -- "tangled" in a wreck while battling for the lead. Giving RobMac TT #11 the win??

THIS has happened in Indycar -- the 3rd position car took the lead when the Top 2 wrecked out. Bobby Rahal pulled this "rabbit out of the hat" one time. See the famed Bourdais VS Tracy on LAST LAP:

Paul Tracy was known as Mr Excitement ("Thrill from West Hill [ Ontario, Irish-Canadian ]"), but he wrecked TOO MANY cars at Team Penske, so Roger Penske fired him. In the video, you see Newman-Haas chief engineer Craig Hampson (U of Maryland BS Mechanical Eng) with his hands on his head. I'm friends with Craig & Seb -- FOUR straight Champcar titles..!! Seb is from LeMans, BS Mechanical Eng -- he was hired because he could COMMUNICATE to Newman-Haas engineers on car-setup (translate seat-of-pants feel to engineers)

Craig read Dr Mike Selig's

[ U of Illinois Aerospace Eng Prof "wind tunnel aerodynamicist", U of Illinois BS Aerospace Eng, Princeton Masters Aerospace Eng, Penn State PhD Aerospace Eng, hired by my Dad who was Aerospace Eng Prof/Dept Head..whose specialty was CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) aka "wind tunnel on a computer". Nuclear submarine hull-design (ONR "Office of Naval Research"), Rarefied Gas Dynamics (Space related Statistical Mechanics), Hypersonic Transport (HST), etc

BTW, Dr Selig's freshman dorm-mate at U of Illinois was none-other than Martin Eberhard -- noted Silicon Valley serial-entrepreneur & co-founder Tesla Motors (Elon Musk as 1st funder at 40 MILLION). Strange coincidence, Martin

[ U of Illinois Masters Electrical Eng/Robotics, I'm U of Illinois PhD '84 Electrical Eng/Computer Vision ]

was my summer '81 office-mate at Coordinated Science Laboratory/AARG (Advanced Automation Research Group):

Computer Vision, Robotics, AI (Artificial Intelligence)

[ CORE technologies for MEGA "EMerging Economy" of AUtonomous Cars (*birthed* in Desert Racing) via DARPA Grand Challenge 2004/Barstow & 2005/Primm

administered by SCORE. EVERY Auto Mfr has an effort in Autonomous Cars

Toyota (!! long time SCORE partner), Audi, Mercedes-Benz, VW (long-time SCORE partner), Hyundai, General Motors/Honda (they JUST announced partnership in Sept), BMW, etc

it's a FEEDING FRENZY (nobody wants to get left behind)..LOTS of activity/turmoil:

2019 Market-valuation was 25 BILLION ]

article on low Reynolds # (low-speed aerodynamics, dominated by Turbulence/Drag) in Aviation Week & Space Technology, which led to 6-race contract wth Newman-Haas:

3 wins for Michael Andretti

where Dr Selig & his post-doc used their Book Knowledge (STEM "Science Technology Engineering Math) to nail the "Aero" & work with N-H Mechanical Engineers ("Mech") -- to trim out the Aero/Mech grip .. fast straightaway spees (minmizel drag/down-force) & good corner handling (maximize down-force). It's a "balance" problem, classic Engineering trade-off ]

-- parallel of above..(former) Ofroad racer RIck Mears on the tail of veteran (wee) Gordon Johncock

"What's my BACKDOOR??!!"
-- RobMac, shouting into his radio (crew-chief has the splits), recent San Felipe 250 (which he won)

^^^ You can bet RobMac is SHOUTING for the "backdoor" over his radio -- how much time does he have to make-up for Luke McM

"Veteran experience VS youthful-Exuberance"

Will veteran RobMac pull it out & get a Baja 1K win for his Mom (who passed away few months ago)? Or, will young upcomer ("knocking on the door" in recent Baja 1K) Luke McM get his FIRST Baja 1K win? Or, will Ampudia TT #10 get their 2-peat..last year's pink TT done for their Mom (diagnosed w/cancer)
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Per weatherman feed:

123 (Dickerson) rolled at mile 356.

Score rescue in area, Score ops cancelled rescue since no injuries. Been there for a few hours now.

123 has tow strap out waiting for someone to stop and staighten them out. Chase crew was in contact, but lost contact with 123. Asking for passersby to toss some water out.

Why cant Score rescue in area go yank them over?
Score Rescue is not like a lot of other race organizations and is typically comprised of local Fire and Ambulance resources. Not dedicated purpose built off road rescue trucks.

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So we’re looking at 23, 10, 21, then 7 physically?

J Prich

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Sorry that’s what I meant. 4 am fingers, lol.