2020 SCORE Baja 500 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

Curtis Guise

I'm starting this new thread to have all of the Baja 500 live feeds and tracking in one place. And we can all use this thread for updates.

Live video:

Weatherman live stream

Race maps:
- GPS files, Full course, Sportsmans cut

Friday Sept. 25th:
8am-4pm Racer registration
9am-5pm Contingency
9am-6pm Tech Inspection

Saturday Sept. 26th:
2:30am Staging for motos and quads
3am Moto and quad start
5:45am Staging for 4-wheel classes
7am Race start for 4-wheel classes

What about you? By Bob Bower (must read for anyone traveling in Baja)
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I wonder what trick suspension setup RG has on his truck; in his qualifying summary video, when he's talking in front of the truck he has a black tarp thing covering the inside of the wheel arch, so you can't see what's back there. Wonder what he has going on

Uncle Rico

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He had the whole front of the truck covered while staging for qualifying at V2R also. Had 2 guys walking next to the truck with a tarp. He’s attempting to cover up his suspension/front diff design in the unicorn. Supposedly there’s pics of it out there but I haven’t seen any yet.


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SxS are ruining everywhere! Not just the race courses. Trails, glamis, open desert, etc. Golf carts should stay on the grass. Lol
to be honest, the sxs seemed like a new hope for people wanting to get into racing on a "budget" but as more of them joined it was a bad idea... kinda like letting the local meth head sleep on your couch out of pitty but then next thing you know your whole kitchen has a complete lab