Curtis Guise

Racers Rode into the Darkness as They Tried to Secure Their Positions Halfway Through the Rally
Weather seems to be playing a bigger roll in this race than expected. Even when gloom isn’t present – even though it’s been gone for days – the impact of inclement weather lingers like a slow healing gash, especially here, in a region so wild, the only one dressing wounds is Mother Nature. Special Stage Three offered a different sort of impending danger. More direct. A storm was coming, so the Yokohama Sonora Rally, presented by Method Race Wheels, had to triage. First, the competitors started the day a bit earlier to try and beat the rain between Caborca and the next bivouac in Puerto Peñasco, which almost worked. And those who still became caught in the wet were watched closely. Then, they decided to cut out the second section which would have edged the Sea of Cortez coastline after a multifaceted voyage through the Sonoran Desert. It would have been a beautiful sight, but...

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