Curtis Guise

Yokohama Sonora Rally Has a Whipped a Full Menu of Fun for the Final Stage
Some events might go easy on you for the concluding stage. Throwing in a special because something should happen before the awards ceremony. A fast 100 kilometers to the podium – as if the winner has already been chosen and racing just helps delay the inevitable drive home. Or a loop through the same tired old route meant, instead, to just wear you down before you leave. There’s not always balance, sometimes no point. But the 2020 Yokohama Sonora Rally, presented by Method Race Wheels, is different (in so many ways). Their grand finale was a hand-selected Sonoran smorgasbord set out on a platter so pilots may sample a little of each challenge they had devoured each day. Special Stage Five culminated into a mix of obstacles from start to finish, as if the organizers planned a genuine competition. Who’d have thought? Co-Founder and Race Directory, Darren Skilton, “…wanted this stage to be as...

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