Curtis Guise

Despite a Sweeping Southern System, the 2020 Rally Opens to Blue Skies
A strange sound echoed into the atmosphere as participants rolled up to Hermosillo Araiza Hotel… Laughter.  For the past few weeks now, anxiousness seems to buzz loudly among fearful (or just exasperated) crowds everywhere around the globe. But this weekend, so far away from, well, anything, the Yokohama Sonora Rally, presented by Method Race Wheels, is visiting an alternate universe. Maybe the desolate landscapes of Mexico’s Sonora State keep just enough out – allowing the bright colors of a young couple’s wedding cover the lobby’s tile flooring and cocktail chairs when panic covers everything else. Kids splash in the pool only about fifty meters away. And all the uneasiness of leaving a country no one’s too sure will let them back in sort of melts away – if only for an instant.

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