2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational presented by Monster Energy


Not going to be released in advanced.

Sunday-Wednesday are high end cover/party bands. Saturday after motos is a headliner band that will not leave anyone disappointed.

Im not releasing the names because I dont want this to be a music festival. I have zero desire to change the 'demographic' of the event. I want to entertain the core thats already coming.

I’ve been to at least the last 5 KOH probably more (old memory no bueno) so as the “normal” demographic I’d really like to see Air-supply on Saturday.

jon coleman

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question?; what level of ' pucker factor' did the piloto experience in opening scene??(edit, dont care about co- dawg's p factor....)double edit ;WHO sent it mucho grande'est???, should get special mention, Laughlin leap type 🏆
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I'm gonna guess REO Speedwagon. Bian Hitt the drummer stands about 5'6" and rides a CR450X - and I bet he does not suck at it. He'd be with his peeps at KOH/KOM.


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Haha Nickelback is my guilty pleasure and not bad honestly lol, they bring good energy and would be awesome at an event like this. But carry on....