2020 Toyo Tires Desert Invitational presented by Monster Energy

Dave Cole 4454

I dont want helis in the air for two reasons. Safety and Competitive Advantage.

We are making alot of miles in a relatively confined space. The topography lends itself to course running close to other parts of the course in numerous times. I have 3+ ops/production helis flying most of the day plus a dozen drones. I have enough to worry about on the ground.

From a competition standpoint it opens up a whole new can of worms. I believe the sucess of your race effort should be predicated on skill, teamwork, and preparation.

Everyone knew the rules before they came. And it was not a problem once we had a clear and direct conversation.

All good here


What A Joke
Personally id rather have a lot of heli's in the air if they are being flown safely. That means not trying to be badasses and doing crazy tricks (which a lot of them do) haha. TT is an unlimited class so who cares if they have one and they talk to it is my .02 All the big teams can afford it so its not really an advantage anyways. Plus if someone does crash in the race they can be there instantly. This is more so true in Mexico also. In the US its different and legit help is a lot closer than it is in Baja!

My worthless .02 haha


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Maybe we should ask kobe's heli pilot what he thinks about the situation....

jon coleman

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ouch^...just shaved 2 full seconds off previous time w just a minor 5- 6th gear change.



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Call me Claire Voyant but I had two premonitions about helicopters lately...... I'm glad Bryce's Dad was grounded....


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The problem I see at this event with choppers are the drones. Dave is using drones to get footage for the live broadcast. Drones and choppers don't mix if one flies into the other no matter who's fault it is.

And with several choppers already flying on a 100 mile loop course it would only take a couple of minutes for a response for a medical situation.

Keep up the good work Dave. Glad to see the bikes back this year. The coverage of that race was phenomenal as well. Maybe RedBull will come on board and make King of the Motos a points paying race in the WESS series. That would bring some big European names to the race. It was awesome to see Manny L. there, hopefully he will bring some other Extreme Enduro riders with him next year.


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I have to think the helicopters are a huge advantage to the teams that use them. I think its great Dave does not allow them. And it seems from the response Dave got from Bryce and team that they also think it is a big advantage.

But in the end Bryce won without his Air support.

Even when he wins he finds something to complain about. 🤮


jon coleman

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i love chawpaas, they warn you that sumfin is about to pass you, and always on a looong straight away , going85mph& getting past at 110 is fun