Curtis Guise

The Dakar Proves that to Win This Race, You Must Suffer It
by WESTx1000
Special Stage Five was designed to torture, befuddle and test the barriers between you and insanity. Some survived without (much) damage, and others saw the end of their race right out the gate – in some cases, upside-down. Yesterday’s transfer stage, as long, fast and simple as it was, surely intended to bring the racers’ guards down so they could take an uppercut to the jaw once they became too comfortable. That’s just it. Comfort is…nice. But nice never won any battles, and as much as the ASO wants to weed out weakness, they also want to nurture talent and ambition. It’s easy to succumb to the many luxuries life has to offer, especially if there’s too much or too little of them. They distract you from your dreams, let you become complacent. Why feel pain and distress or fear when you can be cozy, indifferent or oblivious? Comfort’s best quality is to let you know there are good things to be had, and...

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