Curtis Guise

Mar 22, 2001
Oceanside, CA
An Arduous Two-Part Stage Kicks Off the Kalahari Rally by Killing the Odds
By WESTx1000
Stage One began before dawn. A scramble to find the true zero at timing and scoring, plus a surprisingly long liaison – lacking enough time according to some riders – raised the tension to moderately high. Nerves were cooking up in the proverbial kitchen, which par for the course. (Because if you’re not taking risks with your passions there would be no need for anxiety, right?) But add confusion and a countdown to this emotion-rich batter, and you’ll end up with a more salty than sweet taste in your mouth. To top off this slice of Funfetti box cake were light sprinkles of rain at DSS and approaching the bivouac in Vryburg, giving the two-part special a well-balanced presentation. The type of motorsports meal which leaves you fully satisfied upon consumption. Wet and cool at opening bite, and gradually melting away into a dusty heat as the sun rose towards the afternoon. The...

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