Curtis Guise

Mar 22, 2001
Oceanside, CA
As the Kalahari Rally Travels to Its Edge, Racers Must Choose to Leap… or Back Off
By WESTx1000
An ominous blood red sun had set the stage for another difficult day. The route was rumored to be even trickier to navigate than the former… (Something to look forward to?) Better yet, a four-plus-hour liaison awaited everyone from the numbered vehicles to the support caravans with two draining options for passage for the latter group: one which is over paved, established roads, but requires almost nine hours of travel, after completing. The alternative – and the only choice for contenders – was less than half the driving time but was pockmarked like an oily teen who liked to pick when they’re nervous. To say the journey was jarring would be an understatement. Miss a turn and end up in Botswana before noticing the little arrow had veered off the blue guideline. There are some positives to commencing a rally at a punishing degree. If nothing else, the more difficult an...

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