Curtis Guise

Mar 22, 2001
Oceanside, CA
Possessing the Heart of a Hunter Wins the Prize Game
By WESTx1000
There are certain things you never think you’d say, like: “I think I see two guys on a motorcycle chasing an ostrich” or “don’t let that lion [cub] bite you too hard. He doesn’t know his own strength…” But that’s the magic of Africa – and giving travel a chance. It’s having memories and connections which would never have been possible without breaking free of the confines of comfort. The Kalahari Rally alone delivers such unique experiences, without feeling forced. Starting with the landscape. It feels familiar in a way, because we’ve seen exotic animals on the Discovery Channel or read about intimate moments between tribesmen conducting their ancient rituals in the works of Sir Richard Francis Burton and imagined ourselves on safari in the grassy savannah. We think we know it because we dream about it. And just when the mistake is made to doubt the real thing, to think it might fall short of your...

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