Curtis Guise

Mar 22, 2001
RDC Crypto
Oceanside, CA
In an Era of Uncertainty, This Is Only Sure Bet in South Africa
By WESTx1000
A misnomer about the final stage is that it’s the shortest trial. Kilometers are condensed, starts are moved to late-morning and celebrations are scheduled for much earlier than seems possible to complete a full special, liaison and (if all goes well) a shower. Too often a few members of the orga and many of the racers relax their shoulders after the penultimate special, feeling they’ve made it to finish, so what can go wrong in one little loop? This mindset, the cheerful mood, the lack of urgency, often leads to mistakes. It’s the perfect formula of complacency and vulnerability – guards down, bellies exposed – which gives fate an opportunity to strike with a rusty blade. The best which can happen would be that no one ends up hurt. But inevitably, one of the principal vehicles will slow their race down or lose a bit of focus or feel so secure in their position they begin to treat the...

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