2021 KOH Toyo Desert Challenge - Live video, scoring and updates


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I really think the reason many of the T1 guys didn't show up is the accommodations. Dry camping a large group is really hard. Especially when many if not all of the team are volunteers, Its hard to pack a bunch of people into trailers and tell them they need to conserve water and not fill up the tanks.

That was by far the most challenging part of this event for us. We have a small team and fortunately our team is mostly young guys that will sleep anywhere. But even they wanted out of there as soon as they could. We had 6 guys in a toy hauler and 4 in a Motorhome.

I agree and I want to say thank you to all the volunteers - not just the KOH volunteers but all the team volunteers. Packed into Volville or some team trailer. I have volunteered at KOH the last two years only, not this year sadly and gladly - integration project, nice for us. But it's murder out there with the wind blowing microscopic particles all over your trailer insides. Imagine that team with the tent volunteers. My hat's off to everyone that attended.


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That whole they didn't come because of accommodations is BS in my opinion... We go to races every year that we have to drive to get to the starting line Vegas to Reno is 2 hours from any reasonable place to stay unless you get a room in Beatty even Primm is and our drive for anyone that stays in Vegas. Victorville is an hour away and 29 Palms/Yucca valley is 45 min and there's plenty of places to stay in both cities.