2021 SCORE Baja 1000 Live Video, Weatherman, Tracking, Updates

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Nov 14, 2008
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Trophylite DQ is 6069.

On the trackers it looks like they got off the course at CP1 and took the highway all the way down to CP2 until rejoinging with 6076 from apparently the same team. Ran together until sportsman shortcut and back on the highway in Loreto and met with 6076 a few times before the finish.

Looks like they called it early and decided to chase 6076.
We had a plan to get 69 year old - first time Baja racer John Slavic a finish. He owns two TL trucks, so the plan was to keep them together and help each other. If one had a big problem, we would pull it and put on trailer for parts or quick rescue/support vehicle. The 6069 got stuck for a couple hours in silt so 6076 became the race truck at that point. Plan worked well - John is a Baja peninsula finisher. And yes, other than $ and time, the 1000 should be a peninsula run every year. Epic.

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Nov 2, 2020
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I think this is mostly because class 11 is stock rear bumper.

No good place to nerf unlike the other classes.
it is the bumper, but more so the deck lid.
if you nerf an 11 you will hit center of the deck lid and push it into the alternator the belts and the carb most likely ending their race


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Jan 11, 2019
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Now you have to delete your last post because the link is in there
Ok now delete this post to cover up the mistake... heres a pic to distract everyone.


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i want to hear about those cls 11 brutes, i heard they were punting cars left& right, ( i want to hear their driving techniques for all the crap ' purpose built off road race cars' get stuck in
Well I’ll give you a recap of the season if you’re interested haha. San Felipe we had a dnf because we basically weren’t totally prepared. I know it had a few teams laughing at us since we had come from a spec truck and maybe we didn’t know how hard class 11 was. But we licked our wounds and came back swinging with a win at the 500 with 1 minute and 1 second to spare on the clock. Mikes was brutal that race and so was uruapan. When we were close to the finish it just got worse for the 11 car. At one point I almost got out of the car to look and see if the shocks had fallen off because every small bump was violent.
Baja 400 we had a clean run with no issues and I only got stuck a couple times coming back into the finish. That stuff near the finish coming back into ojos was really soft. Stay out of the main rut and pin it. The car will only partially go in the way that you point it. If it hits a rut or a rock the wheel is coming out of your hands guaranteed so just hang on and pray.
B1K we always put our ringer Alex Gonzales in first so that hopefully he can give us slower drivers some cushion. Well he did exactly that at the 1000 we had about an hour lead at rm155 until he got stuck at about 190 and blew up reverse trying to get it out. We changed the trans and were at the back of the pack. Tim Sletten got in at 200 and did work, never getting stuck in the silt. He handed me the car at chapala after working his way back up to 4th on the road. I got in and picked off a car before bay of la and was back in 3rd. Had a clean fast run to vizcaino where Armando Ventura got in and got stuck a few times in the soft stuff after vizcaino but they got it out. They came to us in San Ignacio where 1111 was rebuilding their front end. We were then in 2nd heading to Loreto. Car was still clean at this point. Coming in to 800ish Armando saw the light of the first place car, stayed patient and passed them at 820 and we were back in first. Pitted and tim got back in at 885 but we got passed back in the pit. We had a long speed zone there and for some reason the first place car wasn’t up against the speed limit and heading to the mission tim was able to crawl right up their ass and as soon as they hit the dirt tim made his move and took off. They raced all the way to 1000 and tim had made time on them until we started having electrical issues. When you race class 11 you bring a lot of spares and try to think of every scenario. But the radio had broken off of its bracket and when it fell it pulled other wires with it, including the ignition power. This happened about 1040 and we were waiting at 1050. Tim hot wired the car and got it to us and Alex got back in. Tough decisions here because now first was an hour out and we were racing for the championship because if we dnf and 1111 finished we lose the championship. Alex said he cruised it to the finish but I’m not sure I believe him. At 1210 we ran out of gas. We were supposed to do the last driver change at 1100 but made the call to switch early so maybe Alex could run down first. Well there went the fuel stop at rm1100…we were tired basically 40 hours in at that point. We got him the gas and we made it in 2nd physically and 3rd on time. Alex passed the guy at the last minute headed to the finish line and said don’t be mad we race all the way to the finish including the short course at the end. It was a great season I wouldn’t have it any other way. Still can’t believe
B500 win
B400 win
B1000 3rd
Season champs first year in class 11

See you in San Felipe we’re going to run it back!

To answer your original question on how we make it through all the crap…..they just make it. Our Sletten engine makes really good power exactly where we need it. We’re all in class forced to run the same 1st and 2nd gear ratios so there are other thing you need to work on to make the car work. Tires, ride height, engine powerband, etc. As far as getting through the soft stuff you just pin it and “try” to keep the front wheels straight. The big hills are a bitch and if you get stuck and have to back down a big hill I can’t tell you how scary that is because with the rear engine sometimes they want to roll backwards end over end. A lot of people say how is your back afterwards and how long do you pee blood? If you’re doing that then you are going faster than the car can handle we always feel fine after getting out of the car. Well physically, mentally it wears you down because it’s a lot of damn work to drive those cars. Tons of steering input, clutch work, and constant shifting. Always just trying to not break it and get it to your teammates in decent condition.