Curtis Guise

Mar 22, 2001
Oceanside, CA
Racers Find Their Rhythm In This New Era of Motorsports Courtship
By WESTx1000
Being back at the helm of a purpose-built mechanism, ready to dance the rally Tango, after a year-long hiatus from racing, socializing, hell, touching, is just the post-pandemic therapy we all needed (participants and spectators alike). And rekindling this romance with Motorsports began with a caravan ride through the Altai Republic, a region rich with altitude, tundra and marshy meadows. Protected for its diverse flora and fauna, the thousands of rivers and lakes create a fairy tale atmosphere perfect for a healthy relationship between man, machine and Mother Nature. As with many of the Silk Way events, traveling through Russia can be burdensome when rain showers follow you and the open fields become bogged and buggy swamps. The mud grabs hold of you or your tires and attempts to drag you down to hell with the desperation of lost souls trying to trade places with the living. But this Siberian...

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