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Feb 1, 2005
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In the Dirt
Story by Mike Ingalsbee
Photos by HighRev Photography
The 54th SCORE Baja 500 turned out to be two separate races. Instead of horsepower, wheel travel, or top speed determining what type of race it would be for competitors, the deciding factor was track position at the beginning of the race. It wasn’t dust, wind, or heat that disrupted things like usual; it was a bottleneck around race mile 102. Those who cleared the section without incident dropped down to the eastern side of the course, and blasted across the desert towards San Felipe. Those who were trapped had to bake in the sun while efforts to clear the log jam persisted. To make matters worse, the co-driver who was working to free the stuck vehicle suffered heat stroke, and had to seek medical attention. With the codriver incapacitated, and the truck still blocking the course, other teams jumped in to assist. That section was too steep to go around; even for the all-wheel drive UTV’s who usually can blaze a trail over...

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