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22r more power??


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anybody know of any goodies for 22r engines that are CA street legal and will give more power. i've already got a set of headers and a full 2 1/2 ich exhaust. it helps out a bit. are any carbs (weber, mikuni, etc) CA legal?? i know TRD offers a CA legal camshaft, but it supposedly only increases hp and torque by like 8%. not too much bang for the buck, considering the installation costs, whether i do it myself, or have it done.


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Mukini has a nice (not ca smog legal, but what is) dual side draft carb setup for that motor.


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Hey Gary, Is your Toyota carb or fuel injected? If it is injected, Downey offers oversized throttle bodies ($257) ported and balanced intakes ($341use your core) and injector balancing and matching ($122) open air cleaners (remove stock box and replace with K&N $117) only the throttle body is not smog legal from what they say. I am not bragging on downy but they are they olny catalog I have with Toyota performance parts.

Downey 562-949-9494

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Check out LC Engineering... <A target="_blank" HREF=http://www.lcengineering.com/index.html>http://www.lcengineering.com/index.html</A>
if it was my truck i wouldnt waste any more money and small bolt on parts like cams, throttle bodies and mass ariflow sensors, just go straight for the supercharger its expensive but if you can install it yourself you can save some money, its a sure thing for HP gains. do the math before you spend anymore money.


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yeah, i think the superchargers are only available for the newer 3.4 liter V6's. don't think there is one for my engine. mine is carb'd, so the fuel injector stuff doesn't help. not that i would EVER consider it, of course, but how hard would it be to swap back to a stock carb at smog check time?? as far as doa and lc engineering, i've emailed both, and haven't heard back yet about what's CA legal from them. thanks for the input so far, and keep 'em coming!!!


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I believe the name of the company that makes the supercharger for the 22R is Norwest Offroad , out of Washington . I used to buy parts for my old Toyotas from them and I remember seeing it in their catalog . I believe it was only for the fuel injected models though .

Dan Vance
i cant remember the name of the place that had the kit, sounds like dan has more info on it than me i just recall reading about it a while ago. but do remember seeing a 22r truck with a blow threw turbo system on it non fuel inj. it was on a low rider out in ontario. but thats a little over board for a prerunner.

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