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22re Toyota pickup vs vw Baja bug

So I'm in the market for a new vehicle. I'm 28 and going to college. Looking for something that will be my daily driver and something that will be fun to drive also.
I've heard Toyotas are very reliable. I used tohabe a 3.0 ext cab 89 with total chaos. Anyways, I had my mind set on getting a 22re pickup until I thought of getting a vw bug. I read the bugs are more durable, whereas the Toyota is more dependable. What are your thoughts on this? And does this bug seem like a good buy for 2500?

1965 VW Baja Bug

condition: good
cylinders: 4 cylinders
fuel: gas
paint color: blue
title status: clean
transmission: manual

1965 Baja Bug, street legal, rebuilt 1600 motor, rebuilt transmission, new brake system by VW Paradise, 2-inch body lift, front and rear bumpers, side brush guards, CD player, driven every week. Plus an extra set of side brush guards. Must Sell, $2,500
Racks not included,
Anything I should look out for before making the purchase? What about rust?
Is it true you can by new floors (frames)


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I have owned many air cooled VWs in my life. They are easy to work on. The floors get rusty. Especially under the battery tray. Yes, you can put new floor pans in it.

The Toyota will probably be more comfortable to drive. AC and all that. Lol.

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A good 22re that has been cared for, oil changes and filters, will last a long time, I had one with 300k on it and it ran perfect.
Only thing i did was a timing chain thing, can't remember what, but it's a common maintenance issue with that engine.
Good luck!

Dirty Harry

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Someone said the bug will require more work, but being 40 years old or older, wouldn't everything have been worked through already?

Does anyone know about sleeping in the bugs? Thinking of taking oiut a seat and throwing some egg carton shaped foam down.
I'd like more feedback

Does anyone know about self inflating air mattresses? Was thinking if I threw one down with the seats removed it might make for a plush comfortable bed. I've seen the ambulance vw bug picture and was thinking g perhaps a cot would fit into the vw bug and I could lay down level, and with comfort. Does anyone hbae any suggestions as to what type of padding (or whatever) would shield me the most from protrusions in the floor? Are there a lot of protrusions? I was thinking of going to an upholstery fabric outlet and getting like some 4 imcj foam, but I'm looking for other ideas and options. Any help would be greatly appreciated?
My dad took out the front passenger and rear seats from a bug, then built a level floor from front to rear, with storage underneath.

He had plenty of room to stretch out, with his feet in the foot well and his head over the battery.

55+ years ago, in a 1956 Deluxe Sunroof Sedan.

I still say get the truck. I've had both, and the truck is far less maintenance or repair.
Why is the frequency of repair higher? What could go wrong assuming the transaxle and engine are good?Then it's just minor repairs right? Surely a lot of things have been going through in 40 years, its ot lkke its got a million miles on rhe stock components. I heard a lot of cars get used out and end up in junk yards because of all the emissons and they're harder to repair iirc

Vw bugs are easier to repair than Toyota's aren't they? They don't require an engine hoist and a shop?
1920's design standards. Suspension, steering, brakes, electrical, glass, body and/or structural. No.

Maybe. Not required but sure can use...

Go ahead, get the bug if you want it. I've had both, currently have a 22RE 4x4 pickup.

It will go anywhere off road the bugs did, and 75+ mph down the highway with COLD air blasting.

Gave away my last Baja Bug project...
If I got a Toyota pickup 90s would it still be a good idea to remove the body and add pr 15 to reduce and prevent rust or just a rubberized undercoating? I want my vehicle to last and be reliable. I've been considering a vw bug or a Toyota truck. What would be the best way to prevent rust? Would I have to owrry about rust more on the older Toyota? Would I need to remove the frame and body to treat it with anti rusting stuff?
Good idea, but not required. Move to East County, or further into dez (keep it dry). No. No.
Are you sure repair costs aren't less for the bug?
As far as suspension, the bug will need to be replaced more than the Toyota? Why?
VW repairs may be cheaper, but frequency and maintenance like valve and brake adjustments far higher, especially with hard use.

VW stuff is all 30+ years old: metal fatigue setting in.

It all depends on the particular vehicle, how you drive and maintain it. I spend more hours driving vs maintaining with my truck than I did my bug.

Zac Reish

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I'm a baja fanatic. In stock form the bug will do better than the truck. The truck will last way longer with less maintenance. In my opinion a stock f150 2 wheel drive with i beams will smoke both the baja and the toyota off road. But be expensive to keep running if you beat it.

Ive had a baja and a 22re truck. If you love bajas, don't mind learning, tinkering, and the fact that everyone will think you're weird for owning one get the baja. Or do like I did and have both the 22re truck for transportation and the baja for fun in the dirt.

All of what everyone has said above is sound advice.