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25 year silver Score coin


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Found a silver coin that Score put out for the 25th Baja 1000, worth anything?? Also some pins and dash plaques, Mint 400, Baja 1000, Parker, and a FAIR pin. Any collectors??


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Thanks for looking..........my set will be complete with a 74


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Hi Pete. I am looking for a few more.

harleys dad

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I have a big bag with everything I have gotten in 45 years in this sport from Plaques to pins to patches I have a crap load dating to Riverside 1975, Saddleback stuff stuff from the Mint 400 dating from my first one in 1976 to the last the Baja 1000 I first raced in 1975, I have coins but cant remember what they are for, I have 3 1 carrot Diamonds I have won in Crandon, a huge ring. If they gave a coin at the 25th Baja 1000, I have one for I was there