2500LD Lifts


I have a 2004.5 (late 04 model) 2500 non hd. I'm going to be buying "hopefully" a lift from a friend that has a 2500HD. The lift is an older fabtec 6 inch with the drop frame and everything. I was wondering if it would work with my truck. I know ProComp lifts with with 1500hd's - 3500's But i know the fabtec hd spindle wouldn't work on my truck so the PO used a 1500HD spindle. Now would the problem be if it doesn't work the spindle and I could just use the same 3 inch 1500HD spindle I have now or would it not work entirely.


You can't use an existing "lift spindle" with a drop subframe kit. The lower control arms are relocated down approximately 4.5" inches with the Fabtech kit and your existing spindle will in no way work with the drop subframe kit. The standard "lift spindle" simply relocates the hub mounting position to provide the lift and will only work if the control arms are in the factory location. On the drop subframe kits the steering knuckle has to be MUCH taller. Think about it this way... imagine moving the lower arm mounts down 5" inches, now try to figure out a way to reuse your current 3" lift spindle with it... not gonna happen as it'll be about 5" inches too short.



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Most of the main parts (Fabtech 2500HD subframe and knuckles) will work on a non HD, however the torsion drops and compression struts are different due to frame variances and transmission crossmember location.

So you will probably have to buy those parts, but everything else should work fine.

As the other Jeff said, you cannot use your current "lift" spindles with a subframe. you must use the taller fabtech units and they will bolt right up as the tie rods, ball joints, and hubs are identical on the HD and non HD models.