3/4" Steering Shaft tubing wall thickness

Samco Fab

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I am building the 3/4" steering shafts for my 7200 truck, and noticed that a lot of the drag race and circle track guys run either 5/8" or 3/4" x .058 4130 tubing for the steering wheel to rack setups. This seems thin to me, but is it plenty?

I have used 3/4" .120 DOM on all my previous setups without problems, but was curious if the .058 or .063 was completely adequate for this setup??

What have you had good luck with, or seen problems with??


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What matters is how much torque you can muster in a panic situation when the power assist goes out. Steering wheels and shafts can get bent in rollovers too, just from hanging on. Thicker wall offers more leeway in weld quality. Going from .120 to .058 would save you 1 pound in a 32" x 3/4" tube.


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Been a while, but I remember reading the stat book and 3/4 .049 tubing is capabile of app. 350lb. torsional twist . telescope the top part and .049 the rest. just a thought.