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351 Windors, 351 Cleavland or a Ford Crate motor


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not really sure on what to pick? want the horsepower of the 460 but not the weight if you got any thoughts please let me know


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dan-look at the windsor-many parts available, will bolt up to just about any trans(c4,c6, 3,4,or 5 speed)
can be built relatively cheaply, and makes hp. try thr sprtsman short block from racer walsh in florida, it has proven to be a good/inexpensive saturday night imca motor so you know what you are looking at.

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I got another take on that,,,

Take a 1971 Boss or HO4V 351 Cleveland, why? You may ask...this is why...
High compression, screw in rocker studs, monsterous ports, canted valves, adjustable
valve train, nearly 400 HP out of da box, can live at over 6000 RPM ALL Day Long...
If you look closly you can score them in a wrecking yard....why? cause people don't
realize what this motor is and can do, anymore....
Also-weighs about 250 Less than a 460....
Robby's Ranger had one. ALSO it wiill Bolt up to ANY transmission a Windsor will....Gotta love a Cleveland!


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Dan, if you're going to run a Windsor, look for a '69 or '70. The heads are a little bigger. One advantage is the Windsor is narrower, and only about 1 1/2" taller than a 302. Don't know how trick you want to get, but a hot motor is a 351 Cleveland block with early Windsor heads. Then find Mopar 318 rods and Chevy 350 pistons. They off-set grind the crank, and you end up with a 381. The only thing I that didn't sound great was a bronze bushing in the wrist pin. I believe this was a Roush creation for their Trans-am Mustangs. Circle Track magazine had a 2 part article on this motor, and I can probably find it for you. I had priced out the machine work for one, and Johnson Machine in Monrovia wanted to build it, and priced the machine work at $1,700.00. If your interested in the article, let me know and I'll see if I can dig it up. Also, remember that the bell housing is different between the C and the W, so know what you want before you look for a C-6.


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Everyone here is always quoting horsepower figures.......Torque is what you should be concerned with. You can have a 500 hp 302 and your never gonna get any torque out of it. If the engine you want is going in an off road vehicle then you want something with a lot of torque. Horsepower figures are what sell motors but if you have ever strapped in behind a 327 vs. a 400 small block with similar hp figures you will notice a huge difference. The 327 will rev all day and the 400 will have a shitload of grunt. If you are going to build something trick, stroke a 351 to a 406 or even a 420 and you will be glad you did.


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Back in the day My brother and sister had identical 1970 Mustang Mach 1's. My brother had a 351 Cleveland and my sister had a windsor... The difference was 4 barrel carb, to a 2 barrel carb.... My sister ended up putting a 4 barrel on but still my brother's 351 cleveland had more HP......


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Well, weight is a problem, unless you are making enough horsepower that the weight doesn't matter. If I was going to buy a crate motor, I would buy the 600 cubic inch 460 that ford motorsport makes. This baby makes at least 600 horsepower, and it is not to terribly high priced. As for a windsor or cleveland, I personally like the cleveland, but the windsors are a bit cheeper to build. I have also seen motors called a clever that have a windsor block with cleveland heads. This is very popular amongst the circle track crowd, and I also know a few off road guys who have had a lot of success with it.


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My whole concer about the torque issuses is my frame gonn be able to handle that much cause what i dont need is to step on it and have my frame twist in half any comments


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it seems that the hot ticket is the 351 windsor with the 69 heads with 194 intake and 160 exh., use 6 inch or 6.200
rod length, 2.100 bearing ( chevy ) or the Honda ( forgot the size ), have the crank offset ground ( Velasco does mine and he is one of the best ) use the 289 firing order when you get the cam, use roller cam ( ISKY made a special grind for me for that application )and rockers, Arias or similar type pistons, got to get at least 100 lb. oil pressure, and when you start doing it, call me and i'll help you more, and i have a ton of used 351 Windsor Yates

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