37" tires and 17" rims ?


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37\" tires and 17\" rims ?

I'm planning on running 37x12.50x17 BFG Mud Terrains and was curious what rims some of you are running on these size tires. I want to go with the RG wheels but they are a little too $$$ (pricey) for me. I'll get those down the road, after the truck is completely finished. I see 17" rims in eight and nine inch widths. What do you guys recommend, and what brand has held up for you under the dezert abuse?

These will go on an i-beam F-150.

Thanks.....................just doing more research


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Re: 37\" tires and 17\" rims ?

GO with mickey t's they look awesome with the 37s. Those are some expensive tires you are looking to buy, why not buy projects that are take offs. I know a buddy who has 6 of them if you are interested. Probably will only want 100 per tire. PM me if interested.

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Re: 37\" tires and 17\" rims ?

If you need some MT's let me know - PM or e-mail me for info.