3975 Herling Racing/ Campbell SNORE Battle at Primm race Report


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Quick back story, I am paraplegic from a dirtbike crash in 2015. I drive one hand on the wheel and one hand on a twist throttle that you push for brakes.

This race begins how they all do, in the garage prepping. At the last race we did, I ripped the front drivers side spindle off the RZR because the ball joints broke. One of my sponsors reached out, and we took the car to San Diego to AK Hardparts and they converted the front of my car over to their chromoly A arms that reduce bump steer and fix the caster issues these RZR’s have factory. What a difference those changes make. I drive one handed the entire race and they made it much easier to steer and the feedback in the wheel is greatly reduced.

We tested the weekend before the race, and all was good. So we got it home, cleaned it up and double checked all nuts and bolts, which was easy to do because we use RevLock race supplies on the entire car and can just visually make sure everything stayed tight. Put a new belt on the car which allowed my girlfriend chyenne who was co driving with me Sunday to learn the fastest way to swap a new one in, built some new wheels from TrailReady Beadlocks, and we were ready to race!

Tech and contingency was Friday, and SNORE had a set time for all different classes to go through. Mike Colosimo, the SXS rep for snore was there and helping all the side x side guys get through and it literally took 20 minutes from start to finish. As some of you know, I also work as a volunteer/official/rescue whatever you wanna call it with SNORE, BITD, MM etc so we were there that morning to work qualifying and witnessed some crazy action. A brand new trophy truck driver lost control and smashed a k rail in the corr track and was a good 15ft in the air to an end over end crash. It was wild, and no one got hurt but some egos. Helped a 9 car guy fix his brake pedal before the parade lap, flipped over a trophy truck who rolled in the same turn as the previous crash (who is also a team mate of mine in the Herling racing family) John Bowers, he and his co dog we’re good and went on to get third on the weekend! Congrats guys.

Race day, Saturday morning. We arrived an hour before staging, my dad was co driving with me this day (for the first time ever, I was pretty excited for this) and proceeded to wake up everyone around us because they didn’t race until later in the afternoon, sorry everyone 😂. We got go pros on the car, and strapped in and headed to staging. Sitting in staging I was noticing the abnormal amount of big vehicles around us. Trophy trucks, class 1’s, etc. I figured they were all there for the pre run race which is just one lap. I was wrong, most of them entered in the 1500 unlimited sportsman race and would be on course with us all race.

Green flag drops, we are three wide with the other two cars in our class (we raced sportsman SXS). One car pulls us, and we follow him into turn one, across the whoops into turn two, and heading into turn three he lifts off the last jump, I decide it would be cool to make first dust once we hit the dry sections and drive it in a little deeper than him, make the pass and we leave the CORR track first in class chasing down the pro SXS classes that started in front of us. First lap was pretty smooth except those pesky trophy trucks who started BEHIND us. 80HP vs 800+Hp and 1800# vs 6500# is scary as hell.

First truck to catch us blows by us, gets super sketchy going into the turn infront of us, blows the turn 100 yards into the desert plowing bushes, on two wheels almost crashing. What a scary thing to happen. What if he did that into the side of us? Would not of been good.... oh well it’s racing. We kept pressing on and just wanted to learn more about how the car would take things, it’s only the second race in it and we are still dialing things in. Down the sand straight aways along the train tracks we were getting around 70-75mph and it was handling the bumps perfectly. Didn’t have to lift for anything and the whole first lap was pretty smooth. Laps 2 we kept it going with a consistent pace and we’re passing a lot of the pro cars who were broken down or crashed on the side of the course when the car got really loud, turns out the baffling in our muffler failed and wore through the middle leaving a huge hole in it. Laps 3& 4 picked it up a little and crossed the finish line first in class, with a time of 1:03.40.
It was amazing how rough the track got in just our heat. We took the muffler off and after racing was over for the day headed home to patch the hole in it.

Sunday, my dad and my sisters boyfriend drive I it early to get the muffler back on the car and get it ready. I was excited to have my girlfriend chyenne in the co dog seat. After hearing all the later day racers the day before talking about how rough the course was, we made a decision to drive the course as hard as possible but not push the car past it’s limit. There was huge chatter bumps and square edges all over the place. Lap one, we holeshot our group, and felt the course out while running a decent pace. I drive with a motorcycle twist throttle and the cable got snagged and held the car wide open, this had happened Saturday a time or two as well but not as bad. Some quick action from my co driver and we got it fixed without ever stopping and avoiding going into a 180 turn at 70mph. Laps 2 & 3 we held a consistent pace and watched a lot of the fast cars in the PRO N/A class drop out of the race by breaking. Had some fun passes including being three wide at one point rubbing tires. Lap 4 we knew we had a big lead in our class, but wanted to run a fast lap and laid down our fastest lap of the race while still not pushing crazy hard in the chatter bumps or square edges. We hit all the jumps as fast as the car would go including the dike jump at almost 80 and my confidence in the car is very high now. It handles amazing. We crossed the finish line first in class, with a time of 1.07:51. Totaling up to 2:11:32 and putting us the fastest overall n/a car for the weekend including the PRO N/A class, we would of been fourth in the turbo class. Overall a very successful second race in this garage built RZR and I cant thank everyone whose helped along the way enough. This would not be possible without each and every one of you.

And a little in car video.With the three wide pass.

A huge thank you to SNORE and all of their volunteers, officials, and people behind the scenes who are making races happen given this Covid situation. They are working their asses off and deserve our recognition. The turn out was amazing and the racing was good!

I missed My motorsports safety solutions family but most of them were busy in havasu for the UTV race. Happy rescue 8 made it out to see us Sunday!

Thank you to the companies and teams who support us=

Herling racing

Trail Ready Beadlocks

AK hardparts

DynoJet research

Runnit Racing

Motorsports Safety Solutions

Liquid Iron Industries

Fusion Offroad

Rev Lock race Supplies

Hostyle Inc

Patricks Graphix

Motion Designs Safety apparel

Sorry for the wall of text, for those who want the simple version=

We won both days in the Sportsman class and would of won in the PRO N/A class as well.
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Great write up and amazing race. So fun to watch you build this vehicle and race it.

Thanks for being an inspiration and for the time to share the details.

See you soon.


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Great write up and amazing race. So fun to watch you build this vehicle and race it.

Thanks for being an inspiration and for the time to share the details.

See you soon.
Appreciate the kind words mike!
I get to typing and can’t stop sometimes 😂 Sorry for the long write up.