4.9 to 5.8 swap f150 and bronco.


Over the weekend I did a thing and after all the searching I did to find all the info I thought I'd help everybody and post it all to one thread. Literally all you need to know about engine swaps, in one location. No more searching around for all the info.

So for the basics. You will need at the very least:


Wiring for said engine.

Flexplate or flywheel for engine.

Radiator and hoses for engine.

Engine tower mounts.


Complete exhaust

Engine computer


Fuel lines.

Step one, buy all parts. Now the only place I can find the engine towers is on lmc truck.

They can be bought as a set for around $120.

You will need a wiring harness that corresponds with the year of vehicle.

87-91 engine harnesses will all plug into 87-91 body harnesses.

All 92-95 harnesses are the same way. They will only plug into 92-95 body harnesses. Not sure about the 96 trucks. Just assume the same.

Now if you are looking for engine computers keep this in mind, f250s have the same body harnesses as the f150s but they also came with an option for a manual transmission with a 5.8 v8. So if you want to keep the manual transmission I recommend using the corresponding computer for the year of your truck. If you want to keep the automatic transmission then you are in luck just use one from the same generation as your vehicle.

Exhaust: here is where you can just do whatever you want. I personally went with long tubes and built a y pipe and complete exhaust. You don't have to do it this way but make sure you plan for it.

Side note: leave the long tube headers off the engine during install, it won't fit with them installed no matter how hard you try.

Radiator: six cylinder radiators do not work with v8s the hose locations are completely wrong.

Flexplate and flywheels: 5.8l takes a 28oz external imbalance flywheel. The 5.0 is a 52oz external imbalance from 1981 onwards. The stock 4.9 clutch will bolt onto the 5.8 flywheel but I wouldn't recommend that. Upgrade to the 11 inch clutch instead of the stock 10inch clutch. The input shaft remains the same. Flexplates are self explanatory.

It seems that the 4.9 is a little bit heavier than the 5.8 so the truck might sit a little higher in the front. So that's a plus.

Now you are ready for the fun part.

I personally chose to remove the radiator support which made it a lot easier to remove engine and install the engine tower brackets and install the engine. Just remove all the bolts from it and take it out, radiator can stay attached to it.

Then after that it's literally remove and install engine and tower brackets.

In the pictures I have provided you will see the three rivets you need to remove in order to install the engine tower bracket on the driver side. The passenger side bolts right in. I also just used 1/2 inch bolts grade 8 to bolt it into the frame.

I also converted the truck from dual tank to single tank and ditched the frame mounted pump and selector valve. I'll do another write up about it.

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Good stuff. I have a '95 I'm either swapping or getting rid of because the 4.9 has so many finicky issues. I'd be interested in seeing your fuel tank swap. I've replaced both pumps and the rear tank itself and still have issues.