4 bar rear suspension, frame end, lower link


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The lower frame end mounting point on my 4 bar rear end is 4 inches below my frame. When i was modeling it up I felt I got the best travel this way with what i thought was good anti-squat numbers. I also obsessed over driveline movement. Now that I have mocked it up in real life I am concerned that this point will become a boat anchor, and will dig into the ground over bumps.
Here is a video of the model I made.

[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60-wWzgrbcs"]YouTube - 4bar2[/ame]

I will add pictures of the real thing tonight.

What do you guys think is an exceptable distance below the frame for link mounting.


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What type of vehicle, how big of tires, and what's your desired ride height? I have my lower mount about there running 35s with a solid axle up front, so my uptravel is severly limited. If you are looking to scrape frame at full bump, then yes it's a little low. Plenty of 1450 type trucks have the front mount below the frame, check Total Chaos' website for Dan Vance Toyota pics as an example. It's definately not 4 inches below the frame tho.


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that will absolutely be a boat anchor. unless you run 40's and run a plate/bellypan between the front/rear lower link mounts


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Yeah thats no bueno. I've seen link mounts just below the frame dig some craters when landing! And are you really in Ok0boji? I have a good friend from there!


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Looks like a ditch digger to me. . .

. . .can i hook that up to my mule???

Just kidding on the mule part. . .IIRC when I looked at your drawing it looked like you had your axle side lower trailing arm mounts below the axle. . .if you moved them to point straight out from the axle you could move your frame side mounts up the same amount (probably almost 3"). . .then you only need to increase the height of your upper link mounts the same amount and you won't have affected your geometry. . .theoretically anyway.


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And are you really in Ok0boji? I have a good friend from there!
Yep! Its a small slice of heaven in the summer!

Did some reconfiguring last night, extended my lower link and brought it closer to the frame. Don't know why I didn't do that in the first place, I just get stubborn some times. Now its about just as low as the transmission cross member.