400ex help?


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i have 2 quads, 2004 400ex's. just put new slip on exhausts (HMF) and new filters (K&N with outerwears, no lids) on 'em. pilot jets are 42's, new main jets are 165's, and i was also advised to move the clip down the needle one notch. all seemed well. my bike ran like a champ on it's first trip out. noticeable increase in power/response. loved it. wife's bike had issues. it's never ran as smooth as mine, alwys took longer to start, and would often stall on warm up. mine was a push and play from day one...

hers idled fine, revved fine, but if ran at half throttle or so for awhile, fuel poured out of the carb overflow tubes. POURED out...took out the carb and checked stuff. nothing looks like it's jammed or stuck open...took the clip back off the needle, back to stock setting. bike runs fine now, but floods and overflows kinda easy. my pops was riding it, hit the kill switch on accident about 50 feet from camp. bike died, he couldn't figure out why, pumped the throttle trying to refire it. finally figured out it was the switch...drove it back to camp, shut it off, and then it leaked out the overflow tube for awhile, til we noticed it...

oh yeah, then my nephew rode it, flipped it, broke the bars and the front brake lever. i think the bike is cursed, and needs an exorcism or a shaman to knock the demons out of it. it's been rolled twice now, thrown someone off, and been stuck in a tree...

thanks in advance!

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have you tried to adjust the float, i had a lil 150 pit bike i put a bigger carb on it and had the same problem, i adjusted the float a little bit and it worked for me