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4130 tubing


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Anyone know where I can buy 4130 tubing in small quantities? (2-5 sticks each of different sizes) I'm in socal area.Any info would be appreciated. PATCO
Well I will let you know tomorrow for sure Pat but I think that Escondido Metal Supply has it. I am going there to get some Mild Steel tomorrow but I am also going to check on that.

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There is an awesome place in Phoenix, AZ and they will ship to you. you can by as little or as much as you want. They are called Tube Service Co. and the phone is 1-602-267-9865.


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Try Industrial Metal Supply. They are in both OC and San Diego that I know of. If you are looking for just a foot or two you could get it from Aircraft Spruce in Corona.



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try Jor Bro's in corona their number is 909-737-3950 i think they sell 4130

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Try KH Metal Supply in Riverside. They are easy to get to from the 91 or 60 freeways, and not too far from where the IP Meetings are held. Their info is as follows:

KH Metal Supply
2727 Main St.
Riverside, CA

Good Luck!


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Escondido Metal Supply
1630 W. Mision Rd.
Escondido, Ca


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I think in placentia they carry it at schorr metals, its at
837 s. kraemer blvd. placentia 92870
714 630-1962
a couple blocks away from donahoe racing and I know they go there so I'm sure they have it.



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Aircraft Spruce will sell you 1 foot or 100 feet. And they always seem to have it in stock. Otherwsie, Tube Service in Santa Fe Springs for larger quantities.


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Aircraft Spruce is in Corona too. Tube Service is nation wide and expensive. The very best place to buy exotic metals is Marmon Keystone in Montclair, but bring lots of money and be ready to deal with obnoxious people, But they have every concievale size tubing made. What do you need cromo for Pat?



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Do you sell small quanities to one party? Curious since the nex time I need tubing, I may just rent a trailer and head to LA and stock up on it since I have a hard time here in the Central Valley finding DOM.

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Do they keep DOM in stock or just the 4130? Got phone numbers? Thanks in advance.

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Victory Circle has some DOM. You will need to check on sizes and wall thickness available. They stock what they use to mfg their products. Between the two, I usually find what I need. Do you live close to Bakersfield? Mike
Tel numbers and addresses are:

Victory Circle Chassis and Manufacturing
700 S. Mount Vernon Ave.
Bakersfield, CA 93307

TCR Performance
1830 Norris Rd,
Oildale, Ca 93308
Jerry, that sounds great, I will swing by, I dont know how many feet I need but if you guys can measure it out, bend it up and weld it in place I will gladly pay for the tubing. :)


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Do you live close to Bakersfield?


Yep, I live in Visalia. I found some DOM in Tulare, my father-in-law turned me onto the place. Told me that's where they got tubing when he was in the scene. Talked to a MDR Class 1400 racer in Hanford one day, and he told me he just went to LA and picked up what he needed. Thanks for the info.

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Thanks to everyone for the info. Wayne, thanks for the Aircraftspruce lead. I've already ordered some oddball sizes from them. Their website rocks! Greg, I'm building a-arms for fullsize chevy, also future projects include 4link, full cage, and long travel sandcar.