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$4500 Class 10 Bonus - TJ Craig Memorial Shootout


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$4500 Class 10 Bonus for the 5th Annual TJ Craig Memorial Shootout taking place at the MORE/SNORE KC HiLiTES Midnight Special in Barstow, on July 27!

TJ Memorial 2019.jpg

The winner will take home their share of the $4500 bonus on top of the standard payback purse! They will also get their names engraved on this one of a kind trophy and get to keep it for the next year!

With 20 entries the total payback purse will be over $7500!
1st Place - $4500
2nd Place - $2050
3rd Place - $1150

Previous Winners:
2015 - Curt Geer, Class 1600
2016 - Brandon Heald, Class 9
2017 - Tom Craig, Class 10
2018 - Cory Boyer, Class 1600