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#4749 Race Report Mint400


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#4749 Alex Rivas, Victor Gasca, Errol Villa & Nico Galindo as navigators

I will bypass the section of the days before the race, prep the car, spares, testing, etc.

Contingency Day: we got car ready to go thru tech around 10am, Alex, Poncho Lacarra (crew chief) Nico, Errol and myself ran some errands after registration, we stopped at PCI to drop my helmet for rewiring and check our intercom who failed on testing two days before, btw Hats off to the whole PCI staff and i consider my friends, they fixed my helmet in notime and Jimmy diagnosed a bad intercom, since will be too late for a fix, they provided a fresh one, after that, tech went smooth and we cleared around 4pm, since ill stayed at primm we figured will be time to re-check car, at the parking lot before i leave, instaled the new intercom, check brakes, lights, tool bags etc.




We drive to Primm with some mid rain on the way to there, and went to bed at 11pm.

I waked up at 4am, part of crew leaved to pit B, since car has small fuel cell (16 gals) we need to stop in both laps for a splash to ensure we can do the whole lap, by 4:45 Errol and myself got in line to access the staging area. we waited for a little bit and line started to move, since were one before the last class to start (no idea why the Vintage class didnt started in front of us) we waited for kind a hour to take the green flag.




Start: just after 7am they lined us in front of the starting light, i double checked comms to pit and they called pit b via ImSat to send the news we're about to start, since we requested rear start i was by my self in front of us were 4 of our fellow competitors, i reminded my days driving stock vw bugs,
(i raced in a class 10 or 18 sportsman last year) i rethinked about not to push too hard in the first miles and see how's race was going after pit A, after seeing the green light, i just let the car sing and see whats all about, as i know some big cars will be behind me i tried to take easy and find good spots to pull over (i raced last year so i kinda remind almost the whole course) some fast cars started to catch us before RM5, and a then were in the middle of a mix of vintage cars and 11, ill pased almost all of them by rm10, and a lot of broken cars, by pit A i know were we are, and started to ask for split times, 4701 Johnson, the last year mint 400 winner, were behind me, just by a minute, after some technical sections who i taked easy, i started to see them more close and let them by, i was more thinking about save the car for owner Alex Rivas who will be driving the 2nd lap, on the next uphill sand wash i geared up and noticed we started to gain momentum and passed them, and before i was thinking i started to cacth some vintage cars, the stock raptor and some jeepspeeds, in some areas i can see the 4701 lights kinda close, and since i know i just need to finish in front of them or at least 1 minute behind, i choosed taked care of the car.

Before pit b, a jeepspeed catched me and i taked another line to avoid the dust, and the 4701 passed me back, we race on the same pace to pit b when 4701 was in front and i passed them, when they pulled off in their pit, i stoped in ours for fueling and check the car, and then again 4701 passed us, we leaved pit b by merely seconds apart and now i was more confident about what the car can do and where i can make time, we passed 4701 in a wash, and after that, in a small pavement section we overshoot the right turn before a mine area and a bridge, we turned over i was frantic trying to figure were the course leaved the pavement and again 4701 passed me. i calmed down and lost like a minute in there and finded the course after seeing the arrows ran over by someone on the side of the road.

by mile 100 again passed 4701 at the drylake and since the next strech will be uphill by the powerline pole to get back to primm i tried to push to gain some time for the pit change, as i got in to the pit area and when i was going off the car, 4701 passed us again.

Car owner Alex Rivas taked the wheel of 4749 and leaved the Main pit in less than 3 minutes, Errol called on the radio to say RM5 and were leading again, now the course will be more rough since were in the middle of the fast cars lap 3, Alex and Errol had to be extremely cautios about when and where pull over and not get stuck on a berm, or one of the new developed stil beds, of nerfed by a fast class 10 or so, we continued to recieve updates from a friends via ImSat, following the race on the tracking pages, and we know were still moving strong, before Pit B we got and update saying and 4701 was very close again, we splashed 4 galons and leaved pit in just a minute, Errol continued calling every 5 miles and saying were ok.


we cleaned our pit, loaded up everything and went to finish line area, MadMedia did a awesome job on the stage, vendors and the whole setup, got a text from Mx saying car was at RM110, so started to trying to figure where will be and the Alex started to do the short course infield, now i was worried he doesnt get too excited and make a mistake, Errol called all turns very good calming him down and then the radioed they just crossed the timing loop.

after they finish we go to the fence to see where they are, we're behind a big line to finishers of other classes, line went smooth until some of the officials stoped the line and bring 3 utvs in front for the podium, we chatted with a lot of people, we maked some good friends and they our time to go on stage and got interviewed by legend Bob Bower, we thanked all of our crew sponsors and people who supported us on this aventure, time for poping the bottle and more pics, after that we go to the grandstand area and see the unlimted race. then dinner more beers and sleep time.

Sunday was better Alex went to the awars ceremony (since he was staying in vegas) and got awarded with both the class winner plaques and the awesome and incredible Mint400 trophy.


i like to thanks to all our crew, Alfonso Lacarra, Nico Galindo, David Sanpedro, Gerardo and their familes and friends who helped at the race, to our main sponsors McDonalds Calexico & San Luis Az, PIN Manufacturing, Mango Racing (for the sponsoring us the race fuel and borrowing their fuelers aprons to comply the fueling rules), Motrix & Kendall Oils Mx, Mike Pearlman of NORRA (for the ImSats devices) Impact Racing, Mastercraft Safety, PCI race radios (rules !!), also BFGoodrich, Fox Shoxs, and Baja Designs, NTR Films, Agrovixion, La Tetera Bar and grapix decals.

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Even a finish is impressive. Huge congratulations on the win.

Thank you for racing in a US race, and being the only REALLY MEXICAN TEAM to race up north.

That takes guts..... But what a (hopefully positive) adventure.


NTR Films media guy
Even a finish is impressive. Huge congratulations on the win.

Thank you for racing in a US race, and being the only REALLY MEXICAN TEAM to race up north.

That takes guts..... But what a (hopefully positive) adventure.
Personally i loved the event, last year both of us raced the Mint, Alex in the 4749 got 2nd in class, and my self got 2nd in sportsman or 1800 only beaten by a TT (voss prerunner),so we are 2 for 2 podiums in a row, i would love to do a barstow or ridgecrest race, but budget its limited, i cant race SCORE since i help Mang Racing TT and TTSpec team doing their videos, and in the local series CODE ill race with my jefe in class 1 as codriver.


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Great story. I love that class "11" is running 4700 numbers but the trophy says "class 11 - VW". Recognized!


NTR Films media guy
bump for some video of 1st lap