4wd prerunner thoughts?


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I'm in the process of building a daily driver/ rock crawler/ pre-runner/ class 1 chase truck. I know what you all are thinking..... Not possible those sports are all very different. I agree. Its not going to do all awesome just well. Its a 94 Chevy 1500 2wd ext cab long bed. well it used to be :)
So far I have ripped out the entire drive train and trashed it, it now has a LT1 Z28 motor with a built 4wd 4L80e behind it and a NP241 T-case behind that. The entire frame has been boxed and the front has a Ford high pinion Dana 60 with a triangulated 4 Link and King coil-overs. Has about 16 inches of travel and tons of articulation. Next year I'm going to 4 link the rear and ditch the leaf springs. Like I said its a ext cab long bed... way too long for rock crawling but does ok went a few times earlier this year, was able to keep up with jeeps just couldn't make the tight turns. Long wheelbase is great for hills and on the freeway not so much in the parking lots. I'm going to make my own bed as it is going to be a chase bed. With all that being said I'm curious on what wheelbases you guys are running and how well they do? When I cut the rear half off I can literally put the rear axle wherever I want as I have no restrictions, the gas tank has been moved out of the way, the bed will be gone and I will build the new bed around the gas tank and suspension. Currently I think my wheel base is 133 inches. I know the rock crawling favorite is about 100 inches. Like I said I'm just curious what you guys are running, your thoughts or suggestions are? Thank you for your input

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I am in a sort of similar situation, but I have Dana 50 TTB up front, I am shorting my longbed (155") to a shortbed (139"), but I want to use rear fiberglass that is easy to find. If I wasn't using fenders I would shorten it to around 120"