*** 4x4 Class 1 ***


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Hmmm.... Robby Gordon's next H3? Maybe?:rolleyes:


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Looks awesome! I'm excited to see how it turns out! Great job guys!


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I got a link to this forum from Hunter Racing in Austrailia who are getting this car.

The engine is a Caddilac CTS 3.4 liter V6 twin turbo approx 800hp (Hunter racing). It is mounted mid engine flywheel forward. We have a torque converter with our 6 speed semiautomatic (WBD) on the back of that is an offset box going to the front and to rear to our Desert Differential (WDD). We are going to use the same type differential front and rear with our Weismann locker in them.

We are just getting started on the blocks as of yesterday so I will try to keep a photo log of the progress.

This is version 5 and the final layout. Here are some pics of the chassis and driveline, expertly drawn by Jerad (Shop slave). We custom designed the whole drivetrain just for this project. It is designed to run as a 2wd or 4wd and with any engine on future projects.

I need to thank Stewart (Hunter racing) for giving us a clean sheet of paper to do this project.

pat W



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Chassis aside, it's cool to see a completely new drivetrain setup, especially 4-wd..


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Nice car, looking forward to see it run.

Makes me wonder, once again, why our "unlimited" racers are limited when it comes to super- and turbo- chargers, technology around for nearly a hundred years now.

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