4x4 to 4x2 conversion.


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I have a 94 ranger 4x4 and I want a 2wd. I got it for a really cheap price that I couldn't pass up. Now for the questions. I noticed on camburg's website that the radius arms are different between the 4x4 and 4x2. What is the difference? Also, can I just swap the beams for 2wd ones? I want to get as much travel out of this thing as I can.

Giant Geoff

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The 2WD and 4WD cross members are very different I make a specific beam pivot to fit the 4WD frames to make the 2WD equal length work on your truck.

Captain Air Time

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Or, it is worth a good bit more than the 2wd version, so sell or trade for a 2wd and pocket the cash. It's generally cheaper in the end to start with what you want.