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$5,000 to WIN OPEN UTV SHOOTOUT at Sand Sports Super Show


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September 16 & 17, 2016

$5,000 to Win OPEN UTV SHOOTOUT at Sand Sports Super Show

Costa Mesa, Calif.

Dirt/Asphalt Course

Open to all race UTV's

If you are legal with SCORE, BITD, Lucas, TORC, WORCS, TerraCross, etc. you are legal to run here.

Race Format:

Friday: Practice
Heat Races (Depending on Car Count)

Saturday: Practice/Qualifying for LCQ (Line up for LCQ based on Practice/Qualfying time)
$5,000 to win Main Event

We will be working the schedule on Saturday to allow WORCS competitors time to come from Glen Helen.

Many competitors are looking to do both. You will be done early Friday night incase you are needing extra time to prepare for Saturday.

More information email Chris Hecht at checht@stadiumsupertrucks.com


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This is awesome to see SST working with other sanctioning bodies, in mind for racers. Says alot about there organization and there commitment to racers. Can't wait to see everyone out there. Hoping to get our tuck done in time for the 1450 boys.

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