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5 lug vs. 6 lug for 39's

Hey guys, I'm about to buy race hubs for the front of my build and had someone tell me that if I want to run 39's that I really should run 6 lug hubs instead of 5. I already have ProAm 2.5 rear hubs with 5x5.5 bolt pattern in the rear, so now I'd need to decide if I made a mistake and should correct it or if it's that big of a deal adding a lug.

Mark Newhan

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The six lug pattern that you see in the TT's is actually an off road specific 6on6.5. There are plenty of 5on 5.5 bolt patterns supporting 39's. Depending on what they are going on (HP and vehicle capability) you may not need to upgrade, however they are more durable.
I'm building a 1450 truck and what it to be as capable as possible haha. And it seems that most of the hub manufacturers don't even make the 6x6.5 pattern and only 6x5.5?