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Im looking to get 5 Point Restraint - 3" Latch & Link w/ Built in Latch Guard to replace my current 4 point "Y" design Crow belts. I have a couple questions. 1 is that I have heard of harnessses with sewn in pads, and I was wondering if any of you have had contact with how well these work compared to a velcro typre removable pad. Also, SCORE requires 2 bar slides on the shoulder harnesses, and I was wondering what that is for, and if MDR has that same regulation. And one last thing, what brand would you recomend, and where should I go to get them? Thanks.

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Shaun, you might be able to have the pads sewn onto the harnesses at a shoe repair shop. They have heavy duty sewing machines there. I don't know if there are any already done but have seen NHRA Top Fuel drivers with plenty of padding on their harneses. They are already attatched. The bar slides are so the harnesses don't slip or adjust (loosen) when you don't want them to. Probably under stressfull conditions like a violent collision or an oh [censored]!"



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I have the 5 point crows and mine came with the sown in pads. They are really nice becuase the pads dont move all over the place they stay in the same spot!

I got mine from Baja Concepts in Fallbrook, I beleve they just get them straight from crow so any shop should be able to ordered them for you.

Also I beleve you are refering to double d rings? MDR does enforce that rule, its not that big of a deal just get extra D rings.

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On a side note, last MDR race the tech guy said they were going to start enforcing double sliders on the crotch belt. We didn't have one but he said they will start bustiing you on that one. Don't know who sells them but I am sure someone can post something.