5 points vs 4points


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First of all, not safe for work.

2nd, there is some "nastys" but in a medical way.
So don't get mad at me I gave a warning.

3rd are 5 points really a better system over all? or is worth the chance?Could this have been prevented using a 5point.Ie waist belt must have been to lose etc....

4th What is the down fall to a 4point vs 5


before anyone ask's, how I found this, I found it on anouther board posted


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Despite whatever happened to that guy (six point harness actually), a racing harness will not work properly without the crotch strap. I know a lot of people think it is there to keep you from submarining out from under the lap belt, but that isn't true. The reason it is there is to give the shoulder harnesses something firm to pull against. Without the crotch strap, your shoulder harnesses are held down only by the lap belt. It is impossible to tighten the lap belt enough to provide a rigid attachment point for the shoulder harnesses. All that happens when you fly forward without the crotch strap is the shoulder harnesses pull up on the buckle and the buckle moves from your waist up to your chest.

Four point harnesses are barely any better than 3 point stock seatbelts and in some ways even worse. I wouldn't put them in a sandcar.

My guess is the guy in that article though his harness was uncomfortable when worn properly so he left it loose. When they crashed, his junk got caught inside one of the crotch straps and stripped his peas out of his pod.

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The most important sentence in the article was the one that said the harness must be worn so tight as to be almost uncomfortable. Coming from a guy who used to jump out of perfectly good airplanes for a living, trust me when I say that if it doesn't hurt when your sitting down, it will when your hanging in it. Racing harnesses are exactly the same.

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If your lap belt is holding you back and you fit in your seat, this will not happen.

I suspect the victim had is lap belt too high which allows you to slide forward and stop against the sub belt. Your lap belt should go across your hips, below your belly button. It’s pretty common in an off road car for the sub belt to be adjusted for the biggest driver/passenger, which creates a problem for smaller driver/passenger. To solve this problem, you can use multiple sub belts colored differently indifferent lengths. Some belts (sparco) have an easily adjustable sub belt which works too.

Next time you strap yourself in, try to move yourself forward into the seat against the sub belt, if you can do it, it can happen in a crash.

Also, 6 and 7 point belts work better than 5 point because they will keep you from sliding left/right in the seat because of the triangulation it creates.It will also keep your belts tighter becasue you have 2 or 3 straps holding your shoulder belts tight. It's like putting 2 or 3 straps on your bike/car on the trailer insead of 1.

It's also just as easy to fasten 6 or 7 point belts because they terminate into one mount just like a 5 point.


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ouchhhhhhhh..... i had a severe frontal impact and my scrotum was black and blue for a week and a half!!! had a few lacerations to my testicles... not fun... the guy who had this happen makes me feel very fortunate... but my girlfriend was pissed cause i was out of commission for a while.... i feel terrible for this guy... gives us all something to think about when we tighten down our belts while we're racing!!! there is so many safety aspects in racing that we need to really pay attention to... so many times we get so comfortable and we often forget the correct ways of keeping ourselves safe, it sux that we need tragic accidents to remind us how vulnerable we really are!


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One thing is make sure the crotch belt is tight pulling your lapbelts down and tight. I learned my lesson, lawn darted off a dune and the crotch belt was loose. Do to alot bigger person in the car before me and I figured its fine were just heading back to camp.
Never again, when we impacted I start sliding in my seat and wham the crotch belt stopped the movement of my body, by my nuts. :eek:I now tighten the crotchbelt first when I get into a different car.