$50,000 to $0 in 8 seconds.

Mike @ pit b

This guy has skill.

Warning: Foul language!!

[ame="http://www.break.com/index/dodge-srt-10-burnout-and-roll-over-crash.html"]Dodge SRT-10 Burnout and Roll-Over Crash Video@@AMEPARAM@@http://embed.break.com/1404053@@AMEPARAM@@1404053[/ame]

(Saw it on Dezert Rangers and had to share)


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Gonna be late to the clown convention.


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MAD Skillz yo!

I wasn't prepared for such awesomeness this early in the day!


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Damn that was funny.

But thanks....now I have that uneasy feeling as I sit here after laughing at the computer when it was super quiet in the office.


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Do you think his insurance could deny his claim if they saw this video?