50:1 odds wins the Derby


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Anybody have any money on Mine That Bird?


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Wish I did. He sure had some speed at the end. Shortest line around a circle is the inside! I actualy had a few mint julups at a derby party, not too bad for one of them foo foo drinks.


I have a buddy that bets the long shot every year. I texted him and some girl has his phone. She says he is to drunk to talk and if I really need to talk to him I should go to the strip club they are at...

I am guessing he won. We bet the long shot against "Smarty Jones" a while ago and made like 1500 bucks between us.... Straight to the strip club as soon as we cashed our tickets... Made it home that night covered in glitter, in love with a girl whose name I can't remember, and had like twenty bucks left in my pocket...

It was the best time I don't remember having...

Mike @ pit b

I watched a highlight at my bar and that horse hit the ef'ing powerband!!! It pulled away like every other horse was standing still!!!


DA Meatball
my money was on dezert party.