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50 different classes, really?????

J Prich

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Great thread Brad! It breathed a little life into an otherwise a boring board.

Prich as an FYI: I believe when Brad started racing gas was less than a dollar a gallon (and he's probably has DNF'd more races then you'll ever enter). It's also funny that guys that have been around this sport a long time wonder how we got to 50 classes, orange slices and every special group of 1-7 cars or a builder getting their own class? Then theirs those who defend it; I guess it's a historic-generational-"I'm special" thing.

IMHO the issue with the UTV thing is the rules are built and morph to accommodate the manufacturers, not the competitors. A 3 year old or even 5 year old TT(until the AWD totally dominate), C1/10/16/9/5/12 etc car is still competitive with minor updates.

Build a car for a class, not build a class for a car...
To be clear, I never passed judgement on anyone's experience, etc. My comment was meant to imply that literally nothing about this sport today is comparable to what it was even just 25 or 30 years ago. From societal dynamics to technology. So saying things are different now from what they used to be isn't adequate justification that everything is screwed up today, IMO. There ARE too many classes, but deciding which ones are valid and sustainable is more about changing interests, technology, etc. If we today went back to 7 classes, you think tons of dudes would be dying to go build 7S trucks even though they can go to their local fab guy or parts store a get a long travel kit that is easy on the wallet and kidneys? Things evolve and change. If we're going to say some classes shouldn't exist, there should be a reasonable set of criteria used to evaluate it that goes a bit deeper than just a simple "back in my day" kind of argument.