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How do the bike guys especially the sportsman riders find the finish? You have no course markers, no gps, people throwing rocks at you and dressed as course workers trying to drive you off a cliff.
That is a great question. We had a hard time finding the course with the GPS. I think a couple of bikes that we had just passed, followed us in. The crowds were out of control, rock throwing, mis-directing, lights in your eyes, fires, "Apocalypse Now" - isn't Baja a wonderful challenge!

"Everyone gets everything he wants. I wanted to race a car in Baja, and for my sins, they gave me one."

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"You're an errand boy; sent by grocery clerks."


What does that trailer remind you of?

Next time we'll come in low out of the setting sun and about a mile out we'll put on the music. I use Wagner; it scares the hell out of the spectators - my boys love it!
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I don't know. We didn't make it that far. We broke 65 miles earlier. It was the reverse of the start, so it should not have been too bad, and most sportsman mc's were in front of the majority of the cars.


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Most of the sportsman don't pre run and that section is open what the day before the race and only going out bound.

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Just ride into the flying beer cans and rocks. Sure bet your going the right way.