6100, TTspec, Baja Truck only thread


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seat those flares!, , as your snugging up, rotate f& m flare ends back& forth, taking out any bumps, ridges, ect.sorta like lapping valves, i find eng. oil works best, some use anti seeze on the aluminum threads too
Wow, something intelligent from Mr. Coleman!

jon coleman

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Its crazy how many hydraulic specialists hate hydraulic oil. I am one of them.
my lpo in A/F shop was having problems w a leaky un seated poppet valve on the QDs quick disconnects, po from the mech( powerplants ) said ' just push on it, tap it w a screw driver, , bird was getting ready for night traps, turning on the flight deck, i was chilling in the shop, he comes running down the ladder screaming'Jon, grab the bowzer& as much hyd oil as you can get up to 600 , !!!!, as he was Drenched in that crap, birds down!( not a good look in cag's eyes), we get up there and find screw driver wedged in the valve poppet& oil ALL over everywhere on everything. it was hilarious as heck