6122 Whipple Superchargers Silverstate300 race recap

jon coleman

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Trail braking on high speed gravel roads is a must
yup, on looong sweepers,trail until tires( all four) can hold the corner after turn in & brake release, , 3 times i let off( brake) a little too early at Parker and hopped over berm on exit, kinda scary, bet its funnner w 600 hp and 39s😍

Baja Bryan

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Always for qualifying turn up your intercom louder than you think it needs to be. Its common mistake to adjust it when your sitting there at idle. But then no once you start running there is no time to turn it up.. Also try to relay back on the first few turns and say "copy or got it. That way co driver knows you hear him good. The last turn was nav mistake should have not been a " go go go" Thats one you have to back off and focus on that one big whoop and square off it.


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Good tips, thank you.

On that last corner he was telling me I knew where I was. I didn't know what he was saying so I slowed down. Then he was like go go go you know where you are. So it was a total fail on both of our parts, mostly mine. I knew that corner and ran thru it 6 times the day before. During qualifying was my worst pass thru that corner ever. LOL Slowing down then slamming the gas was the worst thing I could have done on that corner, I need to come in smooth and balanced to get thru there fast.