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6122 Whipple Superchargers Strapped racing LDC recap


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Here is another long story from our BITD race last weekend

We left Utah for Jean testing area on Tuesday night the 18th at about 10pm after a mad dash prep and load and long week. We needed to be testing Wednesday to get to Laughlin Wednesday night so we can make qualifying early Thursday morning. Stopped along the way and slept in the trailer. It was 18 degrees outside and the trailer was crazy cold, we didn’t get the best nights sleep.

Show up at Jean around 11am ready to go. Bryce Menzies is there testing and has his support helicopter J

We think we have our engine 5k limit issue figured out but won’t know until we test. First run and it happens again so we are back to square one. Long story short we spent all day on the phone and trying anything we could think of. Finally, I called GM performance and actually got someone on the phone that knows what they are doing. Keep in mind we have worked with many tuners including Turnkey and nobody could figure out what was going on. The GM guy quickly says we need vehicle speed to the ECM. I guess with the DI they need to know the car is moving before they go full pressure on the high pressure fuel rail as its like 2500psi. How did nobody we talk to know this? The LS does not need Vehicle speed so everyone assumed the LT doesn’t either, wrong.

As we sit there we can’t come up with a way to get speed sensor on our trans. It’s a Reid case with close ratio drivetrain which does not have a speed sensor port. So I get on google, I figure we can’t be the first guys with this problem. Sure enough there are GPS speed modules that output to the GM ECM. I find a manufacture and call them to see if they have anyone in Vegas with one. We find one in a hot rod shop. So I head out to get the part. I get back around 6pm after getting a speeding ticket LOL. Side note, I have only had two tickets in the last 4 years and both were from me driving fast with a part the race truck needed.

We get the module in and it’s a total pain to set up. At about 10pm we have it all in and working. The engine is finally fixed and man does it pull hard. It would only go into this limit mode when you were on and off the throttle. for dyno testing it would not do it and would run fine. But in the dirt it would act up. We do a quick shake down and get out of there around 11pm. Fox was not able to join us so we didn’t get to tweak the suspension.

We get to Laughlin and set up our trailers, and got to bed around 1:30am. For those of you that follow us you already know we have almost never had a full night sleep before qualifying. I don’t get it. LOL

We are all set for qualifying, Connor my oldest son and Nick our Co dog will qualify. They take off and the water truck gets in the way, so they keep going just in case but at the end they say they can re run. Connor said the truck was squirrely and lots of oversteer. We discuss it and decide that a second run should get us better results as now he is freshn and knows the course. They do the second run and he blew thru a lot of corners. So in the end the second run was only 1 second faster than the first. The truck was a mess in handling so we needed to figure that out. They get out of the truck and say there was a big jump and they got huge air, I see the video later and dang they were not kidding.

We thought we had about 40-50 gallons of fuel in the tank and we took off extra stuff like spare driveline, fluids, and tools. We topped off the fuel tank and we only had 10 gallons in for qualifying and were about empty so the back end was way too light which is why it was all over the place. Dang it, I hate when we make a mistake like that. We qualified 17th which was not good at all.

OK now lets get ready to race. We are running in the 8100 trucks in the morning for my youngest Carson to get some more seat time and to give Connor and I a chance to see the course before our race. We had to get up before the sun and man were we are all tired.

Carson lined up next to Jax Redline for the start, I thought that’s pretty cool to see a 15yr old in a TT and a 16yr old in a 6100 starting next to each other. They are very lucky boys. Carson knew we had to race the truck all weekend so he took it pretty easy. He ran his 3 laps and did really well, some great improvement for sure. He got out of the truck and first thing he said was wow the truck is way faster, he ran it on 600 trucks at the Rage. All the hard work on the dyno and testing had paid off. We had to work our butts off to make a 460hp engine fast enough to hang with the 525 guys. Side note, we are getting the LT2 intake when it comes out which has 20hp increase over the LT1 intake. We are about 20hp lower than the 525 LS so Turnkey and BITD are getting us a little upgrade to get us equal HP with LS3 525. But this lower HP has really pushed us to get some big improvements out of our engine and drivetrain package.

We felt like our front was a little loose in Parker and testing so we call Mike at Fox and he said bring the bypasses over to tech and he will add some shims to the stack to stiffen it up. Scary to make shock adjustments without testing but we didn’t want to keep bottoming out on our stops.

Carson and Connor come into the pits and as they are getting out the rain starts. Oh man we had no idea what we were in for. LOL

We get the truck looked over and ready for the 6100 race. Connor is driving and Carson Co driving. They take off and look pretty good. First lap is a great lap time and he is hanging with Adam Householder pretty well. They catch up to the 6147 and are stuck behind them for awhile. 6147 is CS racing and Scott and Kevin are way cool dudes. We have raced with them a few times close and they are good clean racers. Connor was pretty comfortable racing them close. Finally 6147 goes to let us by before the infield. They mover over in a big berm and Connor goes to pass but with the mud the 6147 spins out and Connor hits them tearing the front of the hood and bumper. They get back on course and head into the infield where I am surprised to see a missing rear bed side and a busted hood. Hard not to see money signs flying out of the truck as it goes by. LOL

Connor and Carson are pushing and making great time. The truck is hitting a little hard on the front, I think we went too far on the bypass. But overall it’s still working pretty well. On the final lap the Hood came off the mounts and flipped up onto the windshield. Connor could still see a little and Carson was fully blocked. They came around for the finish and I was shocked at how bad the truck looked. I immediately texted Fiberwerx and ordered a new hood and bed side on rush. They finished and felt pretty good about their times even though they ran a lap with a hood flapped up. Haha I was really impressed with Carson still able to co drive and call corners with zero visibility. I have seen a few other teams have this happen and the co drivers cant hang and throw up.

Results come in and we finished 11th which was good after starting back in 17th. That put us in a pretty good place for Sunday. The team worked hard to get the truck pieced together for the next day.

Carson was running the 8100 again and this time I was going to Co drive. It had rained all night so we were not sure what to expect. As we left the pits an idler was making noise. It is a little one we had to put in to clear the belt. Turnkey put LS accessories on the LT and the belt system wasn’t great.

Carson was driving great but it was really wet. When we got into the last section where the big berms are it was a really big mess. I was freaked out a little as it was really challenging and putting a lot of wear and tear on the truck. I made the call to end this race and save the truck. We were both completely soaked and freezing. But Carson did amazing. It was the kind of conditions that you had to pin it to keep going and have momentum, he did great.

We get the truck cleaned up and ready for the afternoon race. Nick and I are racing and we are starting next to Brandon Arthur. Brandon can flat out drive so my plan was to hang behind him and get a lesson. As we were staging the idler was getting worse and we didn’t have one to replace it with so it is what it is.

We take off and Brandon gets me out of the infield. I try and stay with him but its hard, he is on a mission. I stay with him until we get to the top of the course, there was no way I could hang with him in the corners. I could hang on the big stuff and straights but would fall back on the corners.

We settled into a nice pace for me, I was driving faster than normal but not out of my comfort zone. I see the Motul truck in my mirror. I think dang how did they catch me? I thought I was going faster than that. Anyway I keep going and we would pull them on straights and big stuff but they would catch us in corners. I finally let them by as I didn’t want to slow them down. Then comes the 6147 CS guys LOL they are running strong and at that point I knew I wasn’t going to podium with this pace so I backed off to make sure I could at least finish.

Then on the 3rd lap the truck is getting hot. I back off and its not cooling down. Then we see the belt come off. We pull over and the engine shuts itself off, which isn’t good. We find the idler fried and was seized. We get a new belt on but it will not start, it was in some protection mode and oddly will not make oil pressure while turning over. I think it could be blown but I also know the LT has a controlled oil pump, the ECM tells it what pressure to make. We call it and get towed out, thanks to recovery 11 for getting us back. Our team meets us and we try and get it started again. It fires so we fill it with fluid and try to get back on course but its too late. Another DNF for the 6122, sad face.

I wasn’t as upset about the DNF as I was about my pace racing with Brandon. I really need to step it up and learn how to carry speed into the corners. Not to give excuses but our truck is narrow than most and that does not help. But I can drive it faster.

We stayed the night in Laughlin as it was my daughters 21st birthday. It was hard to stay up until midnight so she could legally order a drink LOL. Connor fell asleep in a chair in the bar.

We get packed up and head out of town. Connor is driving Chase 1 with race enclosed trailer and I am driving our diesel chase 7 with the Toy hauler. We only have 2 chase trucks but it seems cooler to have a chase 7. Hehe. I head up the hill first and Connor calls me and says he thinks he blew the engine in the chase truck. I turn around and sure enough there is a new inspection window in the block. So we leave the toy hauler in Laughlin, get Chase 1 towed to Ford, and tow the race trailer with Chase 7 back home to UT.

What a weekend. And then we get to get ready for the Mint. LOL




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Oh I forgot the best part of the story. As we were cleaning out the chase truck of things we needed for the Mint prep we found one of the small idlers. So we are smart enough to have an extra one in the truck but too dumb to know we had it. LOL.

It’s amazing how all of our DNF’s are such stupid little things. We got the big things handled but the little things are kicking our butts.

But I think most of that is prepping in panic mode and not having much time.

After the Mint we are going to get the truck prepped for Silverstate right away and take our time. We will have organize the chase trucks and make list of what we have.



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We have two sets of guys that help. Sometimes only
One set can make the race. We have Blake and Samm and Scott and Sam. At Laughlin they both made it. So with me and my two sons, we had 7. Then Nick our co driver that drives with me and 2 other buddies Jaron and Shawn were at Laughlin. Laughlin gets all the people. Haha.

For Mint we have about the same crew. Last year it was just my boys and Scott and Sam. So we have a lot more help this season.

I think most of if not all of our “bad luck” is created by us. Silly mistakes because we are always behind and scrambling. That’s my fault as I have been working really hard to improve the truck. I can’t leave good enough alone and we bought a truck that was not competitive today.

Now for the most part our upgrades are done. Our engine and drive package is amazing. Our suspension is fully upgraded and working great. So we should be able to settle down and get in a groove.

We are out of the points for the season with 2 DNF. I somewhat blame the Parker DNF on turnkey giving us the wrong engine with the manual spacer but with a DNF at LDC it does not matter. Even though it was a bad design of accessory mounts that made us put that super small tiny idler in the fact is if we replaced it before the race it would have lived, so it’s on us.

Maybe that’s a blessing and we no longer need to worry about points and finishing. We can go out and race for a podium. Problem is that means we may never finish again. LOL.

We are in the best place we have been going into the Mint. The truck is fast. We just drove the fastest we have ever driven and we have a few days to make sure everything is right. We are not making any upgrades. Well we did change the expansion tank on the radiator to a larger one, but that should be a simple upgrade. Haha.

Trans and underdrive were rebuilt and fresh. Our body panels show up tonight. The truck should be on its tires tomorrow getting body fit.

Wrap on Monday night and leave Tuesday to get to Apex for testing with Fox Wednesday morning. Back
To work.



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I think most of if not all of our “bad luck” is created by us. Silly mistakes because we are always behind and scrambling. That’s my fault as I have been working really hard to improve the truck.
No idea how it works in racing, but this strikes me as a really good attitude to take with a lot of things in life, even if there is some bad luck here and there. Diligent self-analysis and improvement. I suspect you guys will benefit from it.

jon coleman

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what happens in motorsport simply is, not good , bad , right or wrong, the teams that excel are the ones who do not dwell on what they Shoulda done, & always blaming somthing beyond there control, so far your team has that garbage licked!, your w Way ahead of the curve, once your stuff is ' well sorted', your gonna have to get some ideas from the ' where to put the medals location' thread


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As always Mike a good read. it was Nice seeing you at Laughlin. Let the Wolfpack know if you need anything.


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here is a good Heli clip from 239 Films of the LDC BITD race day 2. Andre Laurin and CS racing on our tail up the hill. All the time on engine and dyno paid off here but we need to get faster in the corners. Andre was pushing hard and on the second set of jumps he launched it big time breaking the co drivers back. The landing does not make the video clip but you can see him pop out of nowhere with all the speed he got flying that last jump. He tried to take the outside lane which didn't work out. Our balance is more to the back and putting the power. down. We beat them to the road crossing with good margin.

All 3 of these trucks are running the Toyo MT race tire so we all had amazing grip. The Toyo's full on put the power down.

This is what desert racing is about.



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Wow great video. You can see the difference in the power of the new motor. Once everything is dialed in, you'll definitely be a front runner. Especially on the long courses.
"The Irongook"


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Thanks Wayne

Problem is we can't run E85 on long races. We only get 1.65 mpg on E85, but it makes a lot more power. We were running E85 here at the LDC which is why we have more power. But on 91 or Race gas we will actually be less power than the rest of the field with the LS3

Turnkey is testing the LT2 intake now to see if we can use it on our LT1. The LT2 intake is for the new corvette and can be set to face either way on the engine. It also makes 3% more power than LT1 intake so it should get us closer to the LS3 HP. the LT1 still has a small TQ advantage over the LS3, you can see how fast we come out of corners but we lose some on the top end with lower power.

Which reminds me that you guys looking for more TQ out of your LS3 you should run the L86 intake and Throttle body. The L86 is the truck intake with longer runners and make more TQ. You cant run that in 6100 but for you other LS3 guys its a cheap and easy upgrade.

Just for the record the fact that I am even sharing all this is crazy. LOL My Son Connor told me not to show this video and talk about E85. Haha I am a open book and :)

But just so you all know the LS3 will not pick up as much gain from E85 as the LT1. the DI engines get a large benefit from the alcohol. LT1 is 11.5:1 compression. So even if the entire 6100 fleet ran E85 at short races like Laughlin they will not get the gains we do with the LT platform. Which is one of the main reasons we made the upgrade.