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7 Re-Match

The battle is on in class 7 for Vegas to Reno. Just heard that Jeff Lewis will be driving the S&S truck to take on Craig Turner. The two epic 7 drivers will battle one more time. I will have to put my $$ on Turner due to horsepower and the fact that he has ben pretty consistant at winning this year. What do you all think on this battle.


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I have my money on S and S. Look at their dominance in SCORE. Lewis knows the truck as good as anyone as well, Turner better look out.


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trip, i just prepped s&s springs today, so i hope they dont break. Hey, sounds like leaf springs vs. links, that was an educational thread.



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There really isnt a thing the matter with leafs or coils once you get them right. Our 8 truck has coils up front, with 2 kusters, and quarter elliptical springs in the rear with 2 kusters and will run as fast as any 8 truck with coil overs.
Anyways, I think there should be a 7 shootout in Parker in January. Snore and whiplash will be there, possibly pro1600 and pro dirt, and I believe their is an invitation to CODE as well. Besides, this year it will be a true 400 miles again since the long course is being brought back, with 3 laps of over 125 miles. I believe it will run down mainstreet parker again and into the gauntlet, and I think it is going to end at the casino along the river. This will be a huge race, put it on your schedules. Send me a message if you want any more info. Looking at over 200 car and truck entries and probably 200 or 300 motorcycle and quads. I think whiplash is trying to get the race put on the AMA national outdoor schedule.


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My money is on Lewey and the old Lil Mac!!!!!!

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I know ALL!!!!!!!!


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Turner will win.... He with the most money wins.... Thats the name of the game.



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Well Since Turner as the better team on paper, he should win. Lewis on the other time knows that truck better than anyone, since he was the main crew chief for the MacPherson 7 Program. So I think if Lewis doesn't over drive the equipment, he'll probably win.


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John holmes has my bet from what i have seen there seven truck is sick



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I don,t recall any of the previous mentioned drivers finishing first at BITD Pahrump this year.



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S and S run the SCORE series primarily, but from what I understand BFGOODRICH told them they needed to run the V to R because of their sponsorship. This is why they were not at the TT 250, because they run SCORE. I guess the reason Lewis is driving is because Cory scheduled his marrige around the SCORE series and the V to R was a last minute deal, so he is getting married on the weekend of the Nevada 500, and they needed someone else to drive the truck.
I think the race is going to be awesome and wish I could make it. I think Lewis will do real good. Dont count out Jason Jernigan he is running Ryersons...


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The S&S crew has limited their travel and SCORE changed the motor rule so that the truck would be 7s legal. BITD did not change their motor rule so it is not legal at BITD. I would assume that the S&S guys can not limit their travel so much and will be competive in 7 open.

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I dont care whats been done to it, its fast and will always be fast, and is one of the most proven trucks in off road today. My money is still on them, although the 7 open class is going to be one hell of a dog fight.

Gabe Lara

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Good point, Jimmy. It is going to be one hell of a battle.... My money is on S&S.
Doug, Cory, and the guys have a good thing going with their team.