8 lug 1" kingpin front steer conversion help!

Micah Radnich

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Hey all, new as a member but have read your threads for years so glad to be aboard. Before joining and posting I looked through all the posts and couldn't get a definitive answer to my question. So. My son and I bought a '74 f350 Super Camper Special, big block, Dana 70 and the big 1" king pins I assume. Truck is being built for hard play but street duty reliable. It needed front brake rotors (simple right?) and I have scowered the web testing Summit racing, O'reilly, CARQUEST, Napa, Factory Motor Parts, R-1 Concepts etc.. and NO one has a listing / availability for new brake rotors, or they call back and cancel the order due to availability.
So. Since rear steer has probably more cons than front steer, I'm reading 75-81 E350 has a spindle that fits the beam correct? So all brake components will be for the same E350 right? When converting to front steer, what did you use for a steering box / linkage from steering column to box? I already have some long Icon progressive springs and I'll do a custom spring bucket, cut and extened beam / fab'd radius arm deal. I'm comfortable tackling that part of the project but this rotor / spindle headache is uncharted waters. I would love to discover a rotor that would work with some spindle machining and be done, the brake calipers on this thing are ginormous. I'm on budget and would like to stay 8 lug too. thanks guys- Sorry to hear about Weatherman too, cool guy.


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Measure your current King pins and compare them.

More Information for ACDELCO 45F0127

If you can find one in a junk yard, go pull the spindles and see, they will not be expensive......

For a steering box, I would use an 80-96 TTB box with a single swinger. Steering shaft should be pretty easy to stretch, use the same steering column.