86 ranger suspension suggestions


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hey all

my DD is a beat-up old 86 2wd ranger extra cab i won,t part with it and i need to do some suspension (350K in mileage and still factory stuff) in the way of shocks springs and new rubber mounts on the trailing arms and such , looking to give the truck a prerunner type stance looking for kit suggestions that don,t require too much fab work as i need to keep the truck running so swaps will have to be done on the weekend and such .also looking to keep the upgrade resonable in cost hence only doing shock and springs and such .




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I would look in the classifieds on this site as it sounds like you are looking for a budget friendly upgrade. Look for someone selling a set of bent beams, springs, and new radius arms with all the mounts. I suggest keeping the coil buckets as it sounds like you are looking for more of a bolt on product that requires no fabrication. I would put on new shocks and replace the hardware (heims, ball joints, ect.) when you do the swap. This is something that could be done in a weekend.

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Bolting on some Bilstein 5100's will go a long way in making the truck feel young again without breaking the bank. Also consider that the road conditions up in your neck of the woods the desert racing type shocks may not be the most durrable (rods, finish, and seals).