9-11.whats Your story?

B. R C Arrow

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My family and I were in Italy, to see where my grandfather migrated from. My father and I had just finished out tour of the Vatican where we went to the very top and over looked Rome. I saw various fires of people burning their trash (kinda normal there like Baja) and I actually asked my dad, what would happen if someone tried to bomb the Vatican (I don't remember why I asked that) but his response was that there would be A LOT of pissed off Catholics! Well we went to a restaurant to eat and the waiter told us that someone had bombed the World Trade Towers, my dad told him that people have tried that a couple times. We grabbed our food and headed back to hotel where the only english channel was CNN. Turned it to that channel to see the second plane hit the building, we sat there in awe! As we watched the rest of the events pan out over the evening (italy is 8hrs ahead) I ended up running down to the internet cafe to contact some of our loved ones back home. We were supposed to fly out a day or two later, but we weren't able to, infact we got stuck there for 3 more days, and when I say we got stuck there, I don't mean we got to go explore more of Rome, nope we were up at 4 am head to airport to see if we could get on the am flight, nope back the hotel to come back at 3 pm to try and get evening flight (only two flights out of Rome to Chicago). That was draining just wanting to get home back on our home land to see our loved ones. Finally got on a flight and it was silent the entire way. It's a trip that will never be forgotten that's forsure. We felt Soo helpless at that time.


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Like many I was at work. Routine morning until we were all huddled around the TV to watch the events unfold. Shock, sadness, anger, etc. We lowered staffing to minimum and sent the remainder home. The days that followed were strange. Emotions changed multiple times per day from sadness/empathy/sorrow to anger/revenge. All of a sudden everyone you met at grocery store, restaurants, etc. was your friend and fellow countryman. Didn't matter race, economic status, political party, etc. Everybody having one common thing to be universally angry and sad about was very unifying. Seems like it took quite a while (years) before people felt comfortable being angry about the small stuff.

Back then we ran V2R in early October. It went through a questionable period whether it would happen but eventually was greenlighted. Casey put together quite a video for the drivers meeting set of course to God Bless the USA (Lee Greenwood). Don't remember too much content as it was actually very emotional but I remember the Herbst truck with american flag flying in back kicking up a silt wave on a turn. Couldn't help but drop a few tears during the video. Theme of race, "We're Americans and nobody is gonna f**k with our ability to go off road racing!"

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On the morning of 9-11 we, (Eric Stewart, me and his mom, were in Connecticut. We were on the towers on 9-10 and had left the City the night before. It was a terrible shock knowing that all of the workers we’d met were likely gone. Spent the day glued to the TV. The following Friday we did a nonstop home to California

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who remembers the gas gouger$,??, im gladd doj went after them and filed charges, big no no to do that in a national disaster