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94 fullsize blazer susp.??


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My girlfriend has a 94 fullsize blazer 4x4 torsion bar susp up front and I was wondering what types of lifts were out there for it? She is not looking for tons of wheel travel or lift, just something to get it up there a couple of inches. Can you just crank the tosions for a couple of inches or put on some SAW torsions, and then put an AAL in the rear...?
I know this is going to be the technical question of the year. lol
but does anyone have any leads or suggestions on places to look..?
thanks in advance!, Tim


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For the Chevys, Rancho makes the best lift. One piece subframe, angles stay nice. You can fit a 33, or a 35 if you crank the bars. I wouldn't recommend cranking the bars, unless you like to replace ball joints and tie rod ends about every year. CV boots also like to crack easier for some reason. 94 was also a TBI motor, I would put at least a 4.10 in the rear and the front, for some power. Otherwise, your overdrive becomes pointless. I am trying to engineer a long travel for the chevys, while keeping the 4wd, we'll see what happens, the spindle is gonna have to change regardless, but this is at least 2 years out.


Build it like a Rhino, and Leave it be.